How to use Google Webmaster tool for SEO

How to use Google webmaster tool for SEO, A brief analysis. Please login to your account and go to dashboard.

First you can check one more article for webmaster tool, Google webmaster tool overview (How to implement webmaster tool for your website and some basics metrics).

Dashboard of webmaster tool

Now in the following image you can find two points Crawl errors, Search queries.

dashboard of webmaster

In crawl errors you can find all errors of your website (404, 403 error) Page not found data.

First we have to download this sheet and send it to your development team, Development team can audit the URLs and send you to feedback with, Why the errors is coming.

In the following image you can see the data of search queries, Here  you can find total number of impressions, clicks, CTR, Avg position with Query.

search query

By the above image you can also analyze that which query is work for you? By this data you can improve your search visibility and business. I explain how?

With the help of search queries, we can easily find the keywords. By this data we will improve our keywords database.

In the second tab of this dashboard we can see the top pages data. Top pages are those page which are most important for us. These pages we can find according to impressions, Clicks. If we sort our data according to impressions then we can check which page has high potential for pulling traffic. If we sort it by clicks then we can find the pages those are having good rank as well good traffic.

Google Index Status

Google index status shows you how many pages of your website get index in Google. It is very important. Because if any wrong implementation (like robots implementation, no follow) is done by developers, So index pages data goes down. Keep eye on it. With the help of this data we can easily find how many pages index. this data is update every week on Sunday.

Link To your Site

Link to your site shows you the data, Internal links, and external links.

By analyzing this data you can improve your link building strategy. Please check our other article on links build tips, and How to find new prospect for link building.

Please keep eye on our blog, We will update you with more analysis also please suggest your thought.Or you can write for us.




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