HTTPS as a ranking signal

Google recently published an article and told HTTPS as a ranking signal. HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is that HTTPS adds a layer of security by encrypting the data.

Google webmaster blog article says that security is the first priority for Google. They told that people are using Gmail, Search, Google drive for security reason.

In the past few month more webmaster are going towards HTTPS for security. Google seen positive result from that. So Google starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. Now it is a very light weight signal it affect only 1% of queries and encourage all webmasters to switch towards HTTPS.

Google will publish detailed Practice they announce that after some time they will publish detailed practice for HTTPS.

Search ranking impact

While two pages have same quality and backlink but one from  HTTP and other from HTTPS then Google give push up to HTTPS page instead of HTTP in search ranking.

If you are running an e-commerce, Financial, search, social networking site those have user’s login.

In the post-Google suggest

Decide the kind of certificate you need: single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificate

Use 2048-bit key certificates

Use relative URLs for resources that reside on the same secure domain

Use protocol relative URLs for all other domains

Check out our Site move article for more guidelines on how to change your website’s address

Don’t block your HTTPS site from crawling using robots.txt

Allow indexing of your pages by search engines where possible. Avoid the no index robots meta tag.

In the above article I explain most of the thing those suggest by Google, We will discuss about this in my next segment. It would be very good for us if we can follow above guidelines.




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