Importance of backlink in search ranking

Most of the time backlink of the page is matters but some times page ranking is dependent on quality of content that page have, here we talk about quality of backlinks.

Backlink by Internal linking

When we create links for a web page, first we have to think about internal linking. Internal linking is the major part for creating backlink and user engagement. If we talk about a product company then we have to link our product page to tour page, Product pricing page, Guide article, Video tutorial about products. By doing these type of internal linking we can create engagement of product and also increase our product sales. For services we have to follow same guideline link pricing page other services article about services.

Backlink by Link building

Following are the link building techniques, if we create high-quality backlink so we can get high ranking in search.

Guest Posting, Infographic submission, press release submission, Brocken link building, Directories submission, Giveaways.

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Edu Links-

When we research our competitor backlink and we find some Edu, gov  links we have to first target those links these type of links are very high quality and authority links If we acquire these type of links we can get better search ranking for our high competitive keywords.

Sponsorship link Building

Sponsorship is a bad word in term of link building we are using anchor tag like this it is against Google webmaster guideline.

Sponsorship is used for brand awareness, visibility Or if any company want to organise any event so we can took some link in sponsorship those are sponsored that event.

Social media share

One of the major areas is social media because now a days social media have huge traffic we can gain as much as we have will. If we create high-quality engaging content and share it with popular social media platforms Like Facebook, Google+, Twitter. We can get lot of shares and engagement of users. Traffic of your social media campaign is gradually increase.

Discussion Link building-

If we participate in discussion like their lot of community and forum, article related to your product or service and those type of website have lot of traffic we can participate there as consultant and product or service provider and engage users by solving their problem give them to best solution and got traffic for web, and product got product sale or service subscription. So we have to participate everywhere on the internet those are related to you. If you get back to them with solution. You attract them. These type of link building is relevant and engaging.



From the above article we can see that high-quality relevant link building is most important for our website search ranking. Try to build relevant high-quality links, You will get the good search ranking with high volume of traffic. If you are getting relevant traffic to your website then you will have high probability to convert the visitor into the customer.

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