Inbound marketing campaign

This article is to discuss the keys to success of your first inbound marketing campaign.Remember, inbound marketing is a methodology that helps you attract more visitors to your blog and turn them into prospects via interesting content and they will be more than happy to leave their contact information.

Okay, that sounds good, but how do we start?

1. Start by optimizing your existing website, improve your SEO

Do you remember the good old website that you started a few years ago… You know what website you do not put NEVER update and lives his little life? It’s time to give it a bit of a facelift. Depending on your budget, it will be more or less expensive, but you cannot escape, in any case the SEO optimization of your website.

Find out which are the most important pages of your website and choose and properly integrate the right keywords.

Improve your social networking profiles (personal and professional)

There is a safe bet that you (as an Individual) and your company already have accounts on most of the social networks. Whether it’s Twitter Profile / Company Page on Linkedin or Facebook, you must provide a clear and consistent message on these different platforms.

So follow these tips:

Fill in all required fields (yes, even the experiences in the biography in Linkedin, Twitter and the about section in Facebook). Updated your accounts regularly for your content, but also make sure to personalize them as much as possible: profile image, background image, signature…

Finally, make sure your social networks are visible on your website or blog. It would be stupid not to get the word with all the efforts you put in!

 2. Set up your content: the blog

You can no longer do without a blog and the traffic it generates on the web today. In fact, each item is a new page indexed on the Web and it is likely to bring new readers.

Again, you need to pay attention to SEO optimization of your articles. It is essential that you did set the keywords searched by your target audience. A research work will help you determine the right strategy of keywords and editorial planning.

3. Add life to your premium content

Another important factor is to create your premium content to convert visitors into leads.

I suggest you start by writing a white paper because it will remain sustainable over time and affect Internet prior to their purchase process reflection (discovery phase).

Many companies tend to immediately embark achieving a webinar, simpler and faster. Yes, but here, the webinar is already aimed at more mature prospects in the funnel (assessment or decision) and that type of content has a limited lifespan (although you can always put the slides of the presentation for later download).

Once your premium content is completed, you can set up the call-to-action for the promotion and the landing page to download the white paper.

Now you have in your hands the first ingredients to start and succeed in your Inbound Marketing campaign. It is your turn!

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Stephen Karsch is passionate about inbound marking and he is also technology geek.

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