Latest SEO Technology For Better Site Optimization


SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique, which use to improve our website performance. Performance in terms of, increase number of visitors, Improve number of impressions. Increase sales through organic search. Improve website domain authority. With the help of SEO we can grow our company.

Latest SEO Technology

SEO is divided, in two terms, On-Page optimization and off page optimization. I discussed lot of time about these two methods. Here we talk about latest SEO techniques.

Step 1

Do initial On Page SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • Update unique fresh content
  • Update Meta Tags
  • Update Heading Tags
  • Image optimization
  • Prepare structure for the website (structured data)
  • Improve website speed performance
  • Implement Google analytics
  • Implement Google webmaster tool

Step 2

Once you had done with initial SEO start link building (Editorial link building).

Step 3

Monitor Growth

Monitor the growth of website with the help of Google webmaster tool and Google analytics. With the help of google webmaster tools you can find which search term is work for you. How many impressions you are getting. According to URL and Search query. You can find both data with the help of Google webmaster tool. Now the latest SEO technique starts. If we properly find the growth then we can easily go to that direction where our growth exists.

Step 4

Work with Google webmaster tool

Once you get the data from webmaster tool. You will find the list of URLs of the website and also find the list of search query of the website with their Avg search position. Then click on with change button as below.


Now here, you will see the exact data which URL search position going down and which URL search position is going upward. Filter down URL and investigate why the URL search position is going down. In other models, Filter those URLs, Which are going upward then check what you did with those URL, Why they are going upside. DO the same thing with down URLs if possible.

With the help of this techniques, we can improve our search impressions.

Step 5  

Work with Google Analytics

This technique use with Google analytics. Check out total sessions of the website. Then check acquisition channel. How many traffic come from which channel. If any channel is going down then check, Why the traffic is going down, If Google organic traffic going down then check is there any Google update come. Or if any referral traffic down then check any embed of our website remove. Or if social traffic down then, check our website social media button are properly working, Or our social media post from our social media pages are stop. Check these issue they will improve our SEO quality.

If our website traffic is going up. Then check out which channel is working for us. Is Google organic traffic up, Or social media traffic is going up. If social is up then we can increase our social post frequency or we can add new social media button to our website (Note if website doesn’t have social media buttons)

Step 6

Link Building Technique

This part is very sensitive, Because Google loves and hate link building.If we are doing white hat editorial link building that is good. Or if we are doing black hat link building then it is very harmful for, our website. Google can penalize our website due to black hat link building. Google penguin update is only for black hat spam link building.

Always focus on white hat link building. You can read our some article related to link building

Link Building Guide

Link Building Strategy for 2015

Link Building Tips

How to find new prospect for link building

Editorial Link Building

From the above articles, we can find that we have to focus on quality links. We have to focus on anchor text variation.

Try to build wiki links

Try to reach out your broken links and fix them.

Step 7

Work with Social media platform

As we discussed earlier in analytics that if social media channel is working for us then we have to improve our social activity. In this portion, We only want to say that social shares have the strength to improve your search ranking. Google consider social shares a parameter for search ranking. Try to improve your website post, pages social shares. From my opinion Google+ has more power than the other social media channels. SO always focus on Google+ for building ranking. Or if you want traffic for the website try Facebook shares Facebook has the power to improve your social traffic.

Thanks everyone for reading this article suggestions are welcome in the comment section. Also check small SEO tools.



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