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Link building is the major part of the SEO, Here we will discuss, about link building guide how to setup your link building campaign. Links are, always be a part of ranking factor. Before setting up link building strategy, we have to find what type of links gets value from Google and other search engine?

Following technique gets value from search engines.

Submission-based- Directory, Bookmark, Profile listing, business listing, Insert a link into articles, Insert link in list.

Content-based- Guest posting, Article submission, Award participation, Yahoo, Quora answers

Social links- Google + posting, Facebook, Twitter posts and shre from other social media profile.

Now you think that all link building strategy comes here which one is good, Here all are good. How? I explain.


Always focus on content if you write a content that is excellent in the category and ask a blogger for publish. After read your content blogger published your article and give back a link to your site then it is called guest posting.

Now if any user or you share it from Facebook and twitter profile and published content is awesome then it will go viral get tweets and shares. It is called social link shares.

If someone ask a question about your topic on quora or Yahoo and other person give answer with your link then it is called answer based link building.

How to write good content?

First when you start for writing an article, Start with keyword research. Then always keep in mind keyword density and context of the article. Context of the article should be clear.

Find link opportunity

Find link opportunity from different technique, I have an article How to find link building prospect for link building.

Contact editor (Ask for links)

Contact editor for links send them an email and ask for links, If they accept guest post you can send them an article with your link. Or if they are editor based directory site you can send them a description about your company with your link.

Find competitor links

Find competitor links and outreach them. If any editor gives a link to your competitor then he/she will give a link in the same category to you also. Competitor research is a big project I’ll discuss about it in detail in my next segment. You can find competitor link with following tools.

1-Open site explorer

2- Ahrefs

3- InRaMS Backlink checker

Try to build links in existing content

If any article has your five competitors links ask the writer to add you in the same article. If anyone review your competitor then ask him to review your product also.




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