link building Strategy For 2015

Link building is a process which have endless loop. Every day you need new links for good ranking. For organic search result we have to create good quality links like Editorial links, High-quality business listing. Most of the webmaster think if they create more links they will get ranking. Sometimes it may be right because search engine crawler gets links of your website from others. But it is possible when the website is having good quality.

What we use to do earlier

In past we had done in seo Directory submission,

  • Social bookmarking Submission,
  • Article submission
  • Business listing

But now a days link building is changed. These above link building technique are still alive but with only high-quality sites.

What Next for 2015

For 2015 link building lot of opportunity for earning links just start with those links which was created earlier.

Check Broken link

Check website broken link and update them with proper URL. That technique is also as link building technique. Because some of the webmaster put broken link to your website by mistake.

Guest Post

Guest blogging is a technique for creating links. Try to publish your articles with good websites. Which have a brand value. Because if your article is published at some reputed website, You can get good traffic from them and also get link juice. For more about guest post click here.

Create link from Mention

Find your brand mention and try to reach out their webmaster for links. This technique will help you for creating branded links.

Check your link anchor text

Anchor text is not a bread n butter kind thing. If you do your link building with your main keywords then you will rank. Try to create some variation in anchor text. If your anchor text is not directly targeted to keyword then you will not be penalized or your ranking for all keywords also improve in search engine result page.

Internal Linking

Website internal linking must be very clear. Internal linking is not done for seo purpose because search engine does not like. If you do your internal linking according to user experience then you will succeed. Search engine give preference to those website which are having good user experience and relevant internal linking.

Context of the page should be clear

I researched and find that pages are ranked in search engine due to their context. You guys are thinking that Why I am talking about it here in link building but I explain context value here is for keyword linking if you are creating links for any keyword then every time you can change your anchor text with same context.

Focus on Quality not Quantity

Always focus on quality links not to focus on quantity because if you are thinking about quantity then you will loose your quality. Because one link from high-quality website is better from 10 links from low-quality sites.

Have patience and try to reach out high-quality magazine and big brands like mashable, Huffingtonpost, Gigaom, Readwrite, type of website.




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