Link Building Tutorials and Tips

Link building is the major task for improving ranking of our website. Webmasters find lot of way for doing link building some them here we will discuss in following link building tutorials.

White hat link building is the key factor for SEO. If your campaign link building is improving then you are going in right way. Link building improve your search ranking. In my view link building is divided in two categories one is basic link building and second one is editorial link building. Editorial link building is hard and it required time for building links. One more type of links we got is called internal links.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the first step for link building. We should link our website internal pages properly. Every blog post is link to product page. With the help of internal link building we can improve our website user engagement, Out website Avg time on website. If we do internal link building in right way then our website bounce rate will be improved.

Find Prospect and Earn links

For building links we have to find prospect first for creating link. Please check my article for link prospecting.

How to find link prospect for link building campaign

In this article I discuss some terms for link prospecting. You can find lots of link opportunity by this article and earn links.

General Link Building

General link building is very simple you can go to directory sites, Bookmark and profile listing sites and submit your service or product. By doing this task you will get links. But this type of link building is not enough for  ranking. We have to do editorial link building for improving our keyword ranking.

General link building types

Directory submissions- Submit your site int the directory sites those are having good amount of traffic and have some value for search engine like Dmoz.This is the best example for directory website.

Social Bookmarking– Bookmarking is the way you can index your website in short time. ome bookmarking sites gives good amount of traffic as well like Reddit, Stumbleupon these are the best examples of bookmarking sites.

Profile Listing- List your website profile into the good profile listing website like, Manta and many others these can help you to improve website traffic and ranking as well. With the help of profile listing we are also doing branding for the website.

Competitor Link research

Competitor link research is also the way for find link opportunity. On the web lots of tool for competitor link research.

  • Open site explorer from Moz
  • Ahref

With the help of these tools, we can find competitors links. Then we will outreach them to creating your links.

Editorial Link Building

Build Relationship with Blogger (Author)

Build relationship with bloggers those are doing blogging in your same industry. If you are a product base company then ask blogger or author for write something about your product. Send them an email and say “Hey I find your blog, I am an avid reader of your blog can you please write about our product.” OR you can say that I have an idea for a blog post according to your editorial calendar. Send an idea to blogger. If they are satisfied with your idea then go ahead with article post.

Review Your Product and service

On the web lots of review sites, ask webmasters to review your product or service. By reviewing products, we can get links for product or tour pages.

Recently we also start to review products Apps, Software

Participate In Awards

If you participate in awards then it build natural links for you and also improve your product/service branding. It is a very nice way for creating links.

Social Media share

Social media share is also matter in search ranking. If we produce good quality content and share that content via social media profile like Facebook page, G+ page, Twitter account. People come at your page and share that content via their profile that impact on ranking is huge. Read a article on social media here

Keywords For Link building

We have to diversify keywords for creating links. Always use some branded keywords and some general keywords like, Click here, read more, know more, type of keywords these are not target your keywords data but these are helpful for natural link building. Don’t do only keyword focused link building exact match link building can harm you.

Hope this link building tutorials, helps you, For for more read our SEO tutorials also.



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