On Page SEO

On Page SEO is the foundation step of search engine optimization. On Page SEO is an activity that you do within your website to improve website quality and search ranking. Improved search ranking bring immense traffic to the website hence branding your product and services.

To improve search ranking focus on the following factors:-

Keyword Research

Keyword research marks the cornerstone of any website. When you build a website, keep in mind your business potential terms. These terms forms the keywords. Keyword is a query the user looks for. So, while terming the keyword think like your customer. What he looks for? Make use of keyword planner and other keyword generator tools to find efficient keywords, their competition and the trend.

Content of website

After the Google Panda update content is main focus of webmasters. However one should always think of providing informative and unique content irrespective of updates. Your post should elaborate your motive without any disguised content. It should not bluff users. What all you need to focus is clarity, uniqueness, information and data in the content. Also, keep updating your content to maintain freshness and user engagement.

Meta tags creation

Create meta tags according to your main keywords.  Meta tags contain title tag, Description and keyword. for more info click here.


Website URL structure should clearly indicate about the page.  For example


Above URL show that page is about Domain Authority.

Alt tag implementation

Every page should have its image alt tags. Alt is meant for Search engine robot. Search engine crawler does not read images unless we specify them using alt tags. Alt tags helps the crawler to know what the image is about.

Internal linking structure

We should be extra careful while doing internal linking in a website.

Link using proper anchor text.

Make links to relevant pages.

Sitemap Creation

Create your sitemap using sitemap creator. It enables search engine crawler find all pages of your website.

Implementation of tools

Implement Google analytics, Google webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tool for analyzing your website health.

Make responsive website

Search engine prefer responsive websites as they are user-friendly. Responsive here means clear look and feel on all platforms, be it mobile, tablets or desktops.

 Reduce website load time

Page load time is the important factor in determining its search ranking. More time a website takes to load, more is the bounce rate thus giving a huge drop in search ranking. click here to know how to improve page load time.

Off Page SEO don’t serve well unless on the page is properly done. You can also read our SEO Tutorial.

SEO checklist for a website.




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