How Quality Link Building Can Boost Your SEO Strategy?

In the day and age of the digital marketing, people often have to make their work suitable for the machines. The same goes for digital marketing which involves knowing how to place the website better in the search engines that have specific and very sophisticated algorithms for sorting sites.

One of the ways to boost SEO strategy is to always involve the so-called link building. This technique involves good websites linking some of the web pages from your website. In other words, if a popular website links to a page from the website that you advertise, your website will automatically be placed on a better position in the search engines. However, the story goes a bit deeper here and there are many ways that link building can help you with SEO strategy. Here are a few examples.

  • High-quality link building can save you a lot of time

Planning SEO strategy takes a lot of time and if you want to have more time planning than actually doing routine work, you should definitely do high-quality link building by whatever methods you think necessary – be they finding dead links on Wikipedia or paying a certain popular website to link to the page of your website. One thing is certain, however – when you focus on the quality of link building you will understand that you should not spend days creating spam content but only a couple of hours creating one but useful article that will be placed on a good-rated website. Once you have this a as a basic, you can focus on doing other things that are connected with SEO and require more creativity – such as content creation, brainstorming ideas, etc.

  • The general productivity of you and your team will be improved

The thing with backlinks is that they are usually the result of guest  posting which has become quite frowned upon by Google and other search engines because they are generic and their purpose was only to include backlinks that will lead to your website. That is the reason why you and your team need to come up with high-quality content that will actually inform and entertain the Internet users and not only write stuff for the purpose of back linking. In other words, the link building should focus not on quality and quality over quantity should be the main motto of every link building strategy.

  • You will always have to come up with innovative SEO strategies

The thing with Google and other search engines is that there is always a battle of a sort where spam is trying to be eradicated (or at least removed from the indices of search engines). Therefore, the answer is not to generate links from numerous websites and blogs in order to rank better but to focus on several important ones that are connected to your website or business in a way. However, this is the tricky part because it will require actual engagement and creative approach from you and your team in order to make things work for you.

To be more precise, there is this famous „influencer“ example where you need to become influential in order to present a business or a website through backlinking. In other words, once you have a huge amount of followers who respect you and always know that they can read something interesting and useful on your blog, you can include links to certain pages of your website in order to further promote it. This way, you will be bulletproof to the algorithms of search engines and you will also have quality content.

  • You can start focusing on marketing which is not directed to link building

Did you know that you can do SEO to the applications which are made for smartphones nowadays? Many marketers are unaware that Google now ranks your website better if you did an SEO for the app that is connected to your website. Therefore, if you manage to do some quality link building, then you can focus on other things which are equally important for marketing and SEO and one of the most important things is SEO for your app. However, making an SEO for your app is not valid if the app itself is not good and you should definitely focus on creating a good app before proceeding to some of the next stages.

Yet another thing you should consider if you build the links successfully is to add to your website. This is a simple tool that, when incorporated into the code of your website, can tell Google the specific function of certain parts of the website. For example, it can tell Google what your logo is, what about us page is, etc. This serves all for the purpose of better SEO in general.

Try this tool for website keywords rank checking in Google.

  • You can create non-written content for the purpose of marketing

The thing with link-building is that it often requires anchor text that should lead to your website. However, no one mentions that the anchor text can be just the thing that will accompany some other kind of creative, non-written content such as videos and games. In other words, once you start doing link building, you will also have to come up with powerful content marketing strategy. In order to do that, you will have to create not only articles but pictures, infographics, videos and games. All of that is considered content and with high-quality articles you will be on the crest of the wave with your SEO game. Sadly, we often have budgets that do not allow all of the content to be created and we have to restrict ourselves to what is affordable.

To sum up, all the search engines nowadays, with Google in the leading position, are stressing that quantity over quality is the most important thing that should rank websites during the searches. Therefore, in order to do link building you need to implement an interesting and effective SEO strategy that will contain high-quality content and by itself be a reason for your marketing strategy in general to work.

Tom Jager is professional blogger. He works at Royal Essays.  He has degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals.