Running a Blog as a Brand

Running a blog is not an easy task. There are many things to take into consideration and many issues to address. In the end since this niche is so overcrowded, even if your area of interest is quite popular and even if your writers are absolutely brilliant these things alone are not enough to guarantee you a success. What you need is to know how to transform your Blog into a brand.

Picking the name

Even a novel needs a good title. Many legendary writers claimed that it is by far the most complicated task to write the first sentence of a new story. When you come to think of it a bit, this makes perfect sense. They say that you can never get a second chance to make a great first impression, and the first thing that a visitor on your blog reads can greatly influence any later opinion that he or she makes.

Select a suiting theme

This is usually something that you are good at or something that peaks your interest. By doing a research on a single topic, constantly reading and writing about it, you will slowly gain a reputation as an expert and an authority in this field. As the old Victorian saying goes: “Jack of all trades, master of none”, so if you want to really excel in any line of work, you need to pinpoint what is it that you plan on doing the best. By reaching out towards perfection, you can at least reach excellence.

The color of the blog

When it comes to creating a brand everything counts, color especially. For example just take a red background with a single white line across the middle of it. Even without a single word everyone will know in an instant that it is a word about Coca-Cola. This is exactly what you need to do with your blog. Select a color and design that you believe will suit your readers the most and make it your trademark. Become the Coca-Cola in the world of bloggers.

An interesting design

Another thing that can help your blog visually is selecting an eye-catching and interesting design. This is where you could use a bit of professional help from any of the creative agencies here in Sydney. In a sea of blogs what you need is to achieve uniqueness and in order for this to happen it would be best if you were to hire an aid from the veterans of the industry.

Adding a social buttons

After all, your blog is not all alone on the internet. Demonstrate this connection between all things on the World Wide Web by adding some social sharing buttons. By utilizing your blog this way, you are bound to increase its popularity and raise its rating in general.

Font and images

Eventually, there is a fine line between having too much content on your blog and not having enough. You do not want to cross this line on either side. A picture here and there is always a good thing but you need to remember that minimalism is sometimes also an option. Having a lot of pictures or even flash elements might considerably slow down the loading time of your blog, which can cause a devastating blow to its popularity.

Quality over quantity

Most importantly, make sure that your content is always of adequate quality. This is why you should check and double check who writes for you. Every bad article or essay can seriously damage the authority of your entire blog. Be extra careful when the content you put up on your blog is in question and leave nothing to mere chance.


Set some ground rules

Set some ground rules that all of your bloggers should follow and be relentless in their upholding. If there is a comment section on the blog (and there always should be one) make sure that there is a rule about that too. Although this may seem too strict at the time, you would be surprised just how much harm can even a bit of anarchy do.

Keeping a respectable blog is a no small task but it is usually worth all the effort invested in it. By setting aside just a bit of your time to plan everything you will ensure that everything is prepared for success in the nearest future. Both you and your blog deserve this!




Marcus is an Australian IT support professional, working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He writes for technivorz blog. He’s SF and gaming fan, and has actually seen Star Wars 44 times.

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