SEO Basics for Beginner’s

Beginner’s Guide To SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) basics every online entrepreneur should knows, because without SEO your business is not success.

What is SEO?

Seo is called as search engine optimization, In SEO, we optimize our website according to search engine algo. Now the another question comes in mind is “What search engine want” The answer is search engine only want a neat and clean website that have a good architecture and good user experience, and good relevant  incoming links. For optimizing our websites. Following are the techniques, Which we have to used for optimizing our website.

Keyword research

Good keyword research grows your business revenue and website traffic. Ubersuggest, Google keyword tool, these are the tools for keyword research. Or you can try

InRaMS Keyword suggestion tool

Create quality content

After keyword research with the help of keyword create quality content and use it with proper page.  Content play a major role in SEO for search ranking if your website has quality content then it will get rank in search engine.

You can try Article rewriter tool for creating good content.

Design a good architecture

Information architecture play an important role in search ranking because if our system structure is good and user can easily navigate our website so our website user experience is good. Search engine like which website has good UX.  For good structure Integrate social media icons and if you are running a blog then add comment option also.

Google webmaster tool and Google analytics tool integration

Integrate Google tools for audit your website health. With the help of analytics you can check your website traffic and traffic location.

With the help of Google webmaster tool you can check your website health like website index pages, Links to your website (Internal links, External links) Crawl errors Oh I am getting in depth leave it  because if we have to analyze the data then go for it. Also one more important point is check webmaster tool messages because give your website information.

Create Meta Tags and upload

Create meta tags for your website Title tags and description tags and upload them.  If meta tags are uploaded already on the page then you have to review your meta tags.

Is meta title have keyword?

Is meta description have keywords?

We have to make sure for the above two status. If you have more concern about meta tags then please check my other article on meta tags.

Try meta tag generator tool.

Create Social Media Pages

Social media is also a good channel for generating traffic to the website. Create social media pages to main platform like facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Linkedin. For more help on social media check this article on How to do SMO.

Link building

When you had done from the above task list. Start link building, It is the endless project. You have to create good links frequently. Now the question arrived “What kind of links are good” Answer is in a single word you can say that Editorial link building gives good links which are helping for improving search ranking.

You can use backlink maker tool

Thanks a lot for reading the article if you want more SEO update keep an eye on InRaMS.




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