SEO major area where Webmaster make the mistakes most

Hi everyone here I discuss very interesting topic today “SEO major area where webmaster makes mistakes”. First point is that website must be crawl-able and content of webpage should be clear about services. Or we can say that intent of the pages is clear. Next point is website all pages are must be click-able and internal linking of the pages is done properly. All the pages those are link must have some value like if we talk about sports websites then it’s pages link to types of sports like Soccer, Cricket,.. etc. so that linking pages must be relevant and have value for users. If we do irrelevant linking to a website then if user come to our website and does not find any value there so users is revert back and bounce rate of the website is increase and Google and major search engine find quality of the website is low and the impact on it is its ranking of pages is drop.

Page title and description tags make sure that the title and description of your important pages is done in the right way in length clearly indicate that what is page about. And description of the page is also written good because it shows in your search result and users click in it by seeing it it increase your click through rate. Remove duplicate title tag of the WebPages.

Avoid Keyword stuffing – Keyword Stuffing is very harmful for  website ranking.

Social media exposure – use social media platform for sharing your content it increase you content exposure and increase your brand awareness.

Do not focus about links think about content marketing user’s engagement. Do not post narrow content. If we are thinking about links then we can do spammy link building. If we think about content marketing then we do white hat SEO. It is like if anyone create a directory about sports website we also have a sport website then ask him “Hey I just crawl your web it have a very nice list about sport website can you please add our website also in list” By doing these kind of link building we can do relevant and white hat link building. And its impact on both your website and webmaster directory. Both of them are getting strong position. Post good content relevant to your services websites those have good page rank and traffic it helps you. it’s called high-quality guest blogging. By doing this it increase your website traffic.

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