SEO (Search engine optimization) Beginners Guide

Seo (Search engine optimization) is a technique that is for increasing your website visitors (sessions), Users engagement, Sales revenue, Proper navigation of a web page which is required for good user experience. For doing seo we just need to do step by step process.

Following are the process

1-      On page optimization

2-      Off Page optimization

On page optimization

In On page seo we need to do lot of work on the website, If we change something on the website then this technique is called as on page seo.

1-Keyword research  – We need to find the keywords according to our business, Let’s say we are in online T shirt business so we have to find keywords like

  • Online T shirt,
  • Latest T shirt
  • Men’s T shirt

 These keywords we can find with the help of tools, You can find lot of tools on the web, for example-, Google keyword planner, Uber suggest.

2-Content optimization – Prepare unique content according to our business requirement. Content must be unique and don’t do keyword stuffing in content.

3-Meta tags creation – Imp mainly because robots read the meta tags and final the web page intent according to the meta tags. This is the main part after content. According to meta tags we can improve our website serp (search engine result page) presence.

4-Site map creation ( Bunch of web pages of a single website) – Sitemap suggest to the crawler that these are the URLs of the website. With the help of sitemap search engine easily get your website all URLs and index them. This technique increased your daily crawl status. If your website is crawling easily then you will get good ranking for the web pages.

5-url list.txt creation  ( Bunch of web pages of a single website) This technique is used for Yahoo,

6-Google Bing webmaster creation – Webmaster tool implementation is the very useful task, With the help of webmaster we can find the site health. Webmaster tool gives us the data related to site indexed pages, Website search quires sesrch ranking, Total number of impressions count for more detail read the article on Google webmaster tool overview .

How to use Google webmaster tool for SEO

7-Analytics code creation  (Analysis of website performance ) – Create and update the Google analytics code for finding insight data for the website. With the help of Google analytics you can find out the most popular pages and other insight data that can be very beneficial for your business. Like your website bounce rate, Avg time on page, Avg page load time. For more detail about these read following article.

Website content analysis

Improve tracking conversion using Google analytics

Google analytics basics metrics analysis

8-Website Navigation optimization – If our website navigation is good then it means our website user experience is good, This technique is reducing bounce rate.

9-Image optimization  Robots doesn’t read the image format because of them we have to do image optimization, In image optimization we have ad alt tag to every image. This helps us to improve our article webpage ranking and also improve our image search result.

10-robots.txt optimization  (For Indexing of a web page)

11-Heading tags optimization  (Heading tags are used for imp keyword)

12-Anchor text optimization  (Internal linking of the website in proper)

13-W3c Validation

14-Check cross-browser compatibility

15-Canonical issue optimization

Off Page Optimization

Off page seo is the technique by which we can build links for our website and get listed on directories and other business listing website.

Guest post is the major task in off page SEO, Guest posting is the technique by which we can build links to our website.

Read the following article for more detail about off page.

1-      Website link building

2-      Editorial link building

3-      Social media optimization  (Facebook page, Twitter followers, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumble upon)



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