SEO tips for a website

Whenever a website is start then first thing we want from the website is traffic. For improving traffic of the website we require seo for the website. Below you all and I will discuss about SEO technique for the website. Seo is basically run in two category black hat SEO, White hat SEO. Black hat SEO is very harmful for the website. If anyone is doing black hat SEO for the website then the website will shoot the graph instantly but later on it will go to down. If we run white hat SEO technique for the website then the website is slowly increase its traffic but later on it will go to in a very good and safe mode.

Seo is divided into two part one is on page SEO and second is off page SEO. Below I will discuss about on page seo technique after keyword research.

  1. Keyword research for the website

Keyword research is the important part for a website. Whenever you start a business and want it online then first step is what user’s search in the search engine. Find out the main keyword according to your business. For example if your are selling a health care machine then the keyword should be “X- ray ,machine” or etc.

  • Domain name

Find out a domain name that have keyword in url. Search engine gives importance to those website which are having keyword in their domain name.

  • Internal Linking

Link to your are internal pages with each other. Internal linking should be strong and relevant. Internal links helps to improve your website pageviews. If website have strong internal linking then website user experience is also imrove.

  • Structure & Categorization of the website

Website structure should be good. If website have easy navigation then it will improve your website quality and user experience. Website all pages should be categorized. Categorization should be done in following  manner

All parent pages < Child pages < Main pages.

  • Implement all tags

I discussed about tags in my other articles please go to there to find out proper detail here.

  • Content Guide

Make sure that, content of your website is unique. Because search engine penalized those website which are using duplicate content.

  • Implement tools

Implement Google analytics, Webmaster tool, Bing webmaster tools into the website for reviewing status of the website. With the help of these SEO tools, we can analyse health of the website.

  • Create a sitemap

If website does not have too much pages then you can create a site map for the website and submit it into GWT. With the help of sitemap GWT can find your all urls at one place and index them proplerly.

  • Check out Index Status

Check out with the help of GWT that website is properly index into the Google or not.

  • Page Speed

Check out with the help of Google analytics speed of your website. This is the most important factor for ranking and improving traffic of the website. for more detail check here

  • Off Page SEO

In this post I don’t cover all technique related to off page activity. But here I will give you a brief overview about link building. You can find out more about off page SEO here.

Link building is a technique that is use for improving backlink of a website. Now the second questing arise here is why we need backling the answer behind it is for improving search ranking we need backlink. If we improve our search engine ranking then we will get business from the website and also get good traffic from search engine  that traffic is called in Google analytics is Organic traffic. Also we get referrals traffic if we improve our backlink.




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