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In this SEO tutorial we discuss the following.

  • What is SEO?
  • How search engine work?
  • On page SEO tutorial
  • Off page SEO tutorial
  • Mobile SEO

What is SEO?

SEO stand for search engine optimization, It is a technique by which we can improve our website traffic and also improves the ranking of our keywords in the search result.

SEO is divided into two categories

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

Before we start about on page, Off page SEO tutorials we have to learn how search engine works?

How Search Engine Works?

Search engine crawlers (Google crawler is called Googlebot, Yahoo crawler called Slurp, Bing crawler is called MSN bot) first crawl the web then index the page. Once the search engine index the pages of the website then show your website pages in the search result. So first we need to index our web pages into the search engine database. We have to do internal linking into the website for improving our website index. And it also improved website crawl rate.

On Page SEO Tutorial

In on page SEO following technique have been used

Keyword Research

Keywords research is the most important part of your on-page optimization because your online business strategy is decided according to your keyword.  Following tools can help you to find good keywords.

Content Review

Is content accurate?

Check the accuracy of the content.

Is content relevant?

Check the relevancy of the content. Every web page of the website should be relevant. If relevancy of the page is break then page search ranking will go down.

Is content unique?

Check properly content of the website should be unique. If website content is not unique and Google found duplicate content then you will be penalized by panda update.

  • Is content written and structured appropriately
  • Is content in an appropriate format?
  • Is content communicating clearly?

Meta Tags Creation

In meta tags title tags and description tag is included. Below is Title tag optimization technique. If you empty your description tag then Google can find description tag from your page content. Title tag is most important it improve website search ranking. Description tag improves website CTR (Click through rate). So every time put your page title tag.

Check your meta tags and check via InRaMS SEO audit tool

Title Tag optimization

Optimize title tag every page of your website. When you are writing your title tag keep main  keyword in the title tag. Search engine bots find your pages according to your title tag. So title tag is the most important part of the website. If we insert our main keywords in the title tag then we will get good ranking for that keyword.

Google webmaster tool implementation and its checklist

With the help of Google webmaster tools, we can audit our website health and check our website improvement. So implement the Google webmaster tool into the website. Once you done with implementation then check the following metrics these can helps you to improve our website health and quality.

Site message- Check regularly messages for any issue and manual penalty. Google send you the message if they think your website have any problem.

Search analytics – Search analytics shows the website search queries, Click, Avg search position, Impressions data.

Search queries – These are the queries, Which user use. If we are getting impressions for those queries then we have to push those keywords up in search ranking with the help of this task we can improve our website traffic.

Clicks- If our web pages clicks are going upward then it means our website search traffic is improving. Here we can easily find the data about keywords. How? I explain- Once we have to select a page that is getting clicks. Once we done page selection then we have to select the queries for that pages means those keywords which are getting clicks by search engine. So with the help of this data we can easily get the keywords. In this SEO tutorials, we have to learn everything that benefit us in the search.

Structured data – Check structured data for the website. Add schema for structured the data. With the help of structured data, we can find our website total pages.

Google Index pages –  This is the most important parameter. With the help of this data we can find out how many pages Google index of the website. If our website index pages going down then check out, why the pages going down. Check noindex tag, for all pages, may be developer implement by mistake noindex tag.

Fetch as Google-  For improving index status of the website. If we want to index our web pages immediately then us fetch as Google, With the help of this tool we can improve our search traffic and index status updated.

Crawl errors-  Check regularly crawl errors and find out why the error going upwards.

Google webmaster tool also have lots of options but here we can not mention all so please read our other article for Google Webster tool overview.

Google webmaster tool Checklist.

How to check website Index pages

This is the most important metric for a website (Website index pages). We have to check our website index pages regularly. If our web pages are not index by search engine then we can not get the organic traffic to our website. The answer of the question is, we can check index pages by 2 ways. Once is we can check with the help of webmaster tool and second is use the command in Google. search result shows the number of index pages. you can check via InRaMS Tool also

Google Analytics Tool implementation and its Checklist

Google analytics is a tool by which we can measure our website success. Success in terms of traffic of the website, Sale of the product, Service taken by other companies. With the help of Google analytics we can measure traffic over month by month. Analyze which is the best month by traffic. Or we can easily find the product sales. With the help of this data we can easily find which product is working for us, Which product is not working for us. Excellent tool for more update about google analytics check out our Analytics section in Digital marketing.

Following metrics can help you to check analytics.

  • Audience overview- Shows you the data about audience. Like countries, Devices, Type of visitors.
  • Acquisition- This data helps us to understand the source of the traffic. Organic, Referrals, Direct, Social.
  • Create segment – Helps you to understand the insight of the data better.
  • Create Goals according to your business –  It helps you to improve your sales and revenue by products.
  • Check Site content<Landing page – This data shows the web pages visitors.
  • Site speed- Check your website speed. Maybe the speed issue down your website search ranking.

check Google Analytics basics metrics analysis.

Create Google analytics Dashboards for the quick health checkup. From Google analytics you can find lots of data that helps you to understand the website path.

Mobile-friendly Website

Now Google says that more searches on mobile & tablet than desktop so make your website mobile friendly.

Make our website responsive, Content of the website should easily readable on all devices. Like Mobile, Tablet. If we are done with our mobile-friendly development then we can see that our mobile and tablet organic traffic is improving. If website is mobile friendly then its ranking in mobile/tablet search is improved. So always try to build mobile friendly website.

Google releases its mobile-friendly update.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is also good for SEO, If we do internal linking of our website in right way then our website keyword ranking will be improved. With the help of internal linking we can improve our website crawl rate. If our website daily crawl rate (Number of pages crawled per day) improved then it will impact our website ranking. We will see that our website keyword ranking will be improved.

When we start internal linking to our website, We have to cross check our keywords, Weather this keyword is targeted to that page or not? Because internal linking we have to link pages with their targeted keywords.

Anchor Text Review

Anchor text play an important role in SEO. Anchor text optimization is under on page SEO, But if we see most of the off page employee are doing anchor text optimization. With the help of anchor tag, we suggest to- search engine (Google, yahoo, Bing..) that this anchor text is related to this link page. If we link conversion tracking anchor text to a conversion tutorial page. Then it means this page anchor tag optimization is done in right way.

Speed Improvement

For ranking our keywords we have to focus on our website speed. If we have lot of content on the page and our website speed is not good then our web pages does not rank. So this is the major task for SEO that we need to improve our website speed.  We have one more article on speed improvement please check  How to improve Page Speed Score For a website. With the help of this article you can improve speed of the website. Result of this is we will get ranking for our main keywords and improve our website traffic as well.

Try InRaMS page speed checker tool also.


Robots.txt file shows to bots indexing related guide. We have a full detail article on How to use robots.txt. Please check the article for detailed guide.

Try Our robots.txt  creator tool 

Off Page Optimization (Off Page SEO tutorial)

Off page, optimization is a technique which is used for creating quality links (Editorial links). We can create following type of links and build ranking for our keywords. With the help of off page we can build our main keywords ranking and also improved our website referrals traffic. If our off page is good. We have good quality links from different- different domain. Then our website referrals traffic is also improved.

Business listing- You can list your business in business listing websites.

Links via Guest posting –  Guest post links are very valuable if you do in right way. with the help of guest post our website referrals traffic improved. On the web there is lot of bloggers and websites those are having guest post program. If you give then good quality content and insert relevant links then your post will be accepted and that blog/website post audience is your audience. Find out the blogs relevant to your business those are accepting guest post. You can check following link with “How to find link building prospect” for finding guest post.

Profile listing – Some of the website gives you opportunity, like profile listing. You can go there and list your profile.

Broken link building – Find your broken links and fix them. This is very good technique it helps you in ranking and improving your website health.

Link Building-

The major part in SEO is off page, That is called as link building.  There is various ways to form link some of them are following

1-      Profile Listing

2-      Directory Submission

3-      Social Bookmarking

4-      Articles Submission Try this for article rewriting tool 

5-      Classified Ads Submission

6-      Blog Comment

7-      Forum Posting

8-      Search engine submission

9-      Video Submission

10-   Answers (Yahoo, Quora…)

Above 10 ways are normal submissions which any SEO company can do but following 7 ways of link building are impact on search engine ranking huge.  Like as infographic submissions, Interview submission in these link building we have to research specific blogs and web related to our industry and work on their editorial calendar, According to their deadline for submission and quality of the submission. In my next article, I ‘ll discuss, about these link building technique in detail and also discuss Digital marketing. From my opinion these kind of link building is white hat link building. Please have a look at following link building technique.

11-   Infographic Submission

12-   Interview Submission

13-   Website review Submission

14-   Participate in awards

15-   Guest Posting

16-   Cross-linking

17-   Press release submission

If we work on these link building technique and choose the anchor tag in proper way (Some links on brand some links on keyword focused and some links on normal general words) Then we can have good search engine ranking.

For link building check out following article

Link building guide

How to find link building prospect

Link building strategy for 2015

Try Small SEO Tools

After the above list we have to learn about how SEO work for our website?

How Seo Work For Your Web?

Why we need SEO for our website because everybody search their query  in search engine(Google, Yahoo, Bing…) So we have to improve our listing in the major search engine. We have to do SEO, By SEO our web traffic increase and numbers of the client also increase so indirectly our business increase. By doing SEO, we can find what search term work for us which is more important for us.

SEO stand for search engine optimization, It is categorized in the following category.

1-      On Page SEO    2- Off-Page SEO  3- Video SEO

On Page- On page optimization build up your web page according to the search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) by doing on page web page get rank and increase their traffic.

Major on Page activity are

1-      Title Tag Optimization

2-      Meta description optimization

3-      Sitemap creation and uploading

4-      Google Webmaster tool Implementation

5-      Google Analytic code implementation

6-      Keyword research

7-      Content Optimization

8-      Bing webmaster implementation

9-      Page Breadcrumb optimization (Url)

10-  Alt tag optimization

Off Page

Major off page activity are

  1.  Directory Submission
  2. Guest Posting
  3. Social Bookmark
  4. Infographic Submission
  5. Classified Submission
  6. Article Submission
  7. Business Listing
  8. Google App Listing
  9. Chrome Web store Listing
  10. Download sites Submission

Video SEO – Video SEO is work for web if we create video according to consumer requirement, or if any customer find any problem to use our product, we have to prepare a video to solve their problem. One more reason YouTube is on boom everybody search their issue on YouTube if we have video then we can optimize it. Or if any client asks us we can send that link to the client.

Mobile SEO Tutorials

Everyday mobile users are growing. So we need to focus on mobile. First we have to make our pages responsive. If our web pages are not responsive then mobile ranking for those pages goes down. Make content of the page easy to read on mobile.

Try InRaMS tool for check up

Don’t block CSS, JavaScript, or images

In the old days, some mobile devices couldn’t support all of these elements, so website owners of mobile sites blocked one or all three. But now google bot want to see these so do not block it.

Don’t Use Flash

We have an article on off page called what is off page. This article gives you full detail about off page and linked article also clear you off page SEO terms.




InRaMS technologies is a web based company here we have Digital marketing, web development. In digital marketing we have Small SEO tools and also Try this Website SEO Audit Tool

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