Website SEO Audit checklist

In this post, I ‘ll discuss about SEO audits checklist. In SEO audit, we have to focus on the following audit.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Crawl Audit
  • Site Structure

On-Page SEO Audit

On page SEO audit is the first to audit a website. In On page SEO, We have to check Meta tags, for a web page. In Meta tags we have to check title tag, Description tag, Heading tags.

All these tags are implement, according to keywords of the page. If we done with right meta tags then our page search ranking is improved.

Robots.txt– Check your website robots file.

XML Sitemap– Create your website sitemap, If already have then review it. Sitemap shows whole website structure.

Site Speed Check– Please audit your web pages speed. If web page load time is high then it is harmful for your website.

Keyword density– Audit your website keyword density.  It should not be more than 3%.

Content- Audit your website content, Content should not be duplicate and it should be unique every time. Google launch a update Panda regarding content.

Heading tag Audit– Audit your heading tag please put your main keyword in h1 tag.

Alt tag Audit

Off page SEO Audit

Check link building- Backlinks are the main part of the off page SEO. Audit the backlinks for the website. If you find that incoming links are from low-quality websites. Then try to remove them because they can harm the website when the penguin update from Google arrived.

Audit anchor text – Audit anchor text of the internal and external links. Try to  build branded, keyword focused and other links are in equally. If our website anchor tag structure is right then our website ranking will improved.

Type of inbound links

Facebook page likes

Google+ add to circle button

Broken link check

Blog Comment– Blog comments should have no follow tag. Because some of the users give comment with website. if all comment link are “dofollow” then the website DA juice will pass.

Implementation Audit

Google Analytics implementation–   Google analytics implementation audit is done if we are collecting right data. Google analytics is very useful tool, With the help of this tool we can analyze our website all data.

Google webmaster tool – Google webmaster tool is used for checking the website health. With the help of webmaster tool, we can analyze website total index pages. Impressions data for the website.

Bing webmaster tool- This tool is used for Bing data.

Crawl Audit

Xenu and Screaming frog these two tool audit a website, With the help of these tools, we can find the broken links for the website and easily check the whole structure for the website.

Google webmaster tool also shows crawl error report for page not found data. With the help of that data, we can analyze the crawl report.




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