Why Does Structured Data Matter for Search Engine Optimization?

It does not matter whether you are a technical person. If you have come across the bunch of techniques of SEO, then you probably have heard about structured data. These days, many specialists in SEO believe structured data is very, very important for SEO. Are you agreeing with it? Let us discuss structured data, its importance and how does it matter for search engine optimization.

Relation Between Search Engine and Structured Data

Structured data not only allows search engines to crawl your website but also understand it very well. Yes, even though the majority of search engines can have a difficult time decoding the web page content. Some of the elements seem ideally obvious to us because humans are meaningless to web crawlers. This is a way; structured data comes into the game.

How Structured Data Gathers Snippets

Generally, structured data is added directly to a web page’s HTML markup. All search engines use this structured data to produce rich snippets. If any of your webpage ranks on the top of the SERP, then you must have seen a small piece of information with a link appears in search engines. This is called snippets preview or result. 

How A Structured Data Look-Likes

Now a question comes up in your mind, what exactly the structured data looks like and how it probably looks in search engine listings. Let us discuss it.

Structured shows or gathers extra information that one see next to a website as well as Meta description. For instance, whether you look for a restaurant or a motel, you will see not only a restaurant or motel but also some additional information, like opening and closing time, price of food, stars and probably the positive reviews.

What Will You Lose If You Do Not Use Structured Data?

You may ask a question. What will you lose if you do not use structure data as an important part of your search engine strategy? The answer is simple. If you do not use structured data in SEO, your business will miss out many good opportunities, one of them is SERP. Now you must be wondering how to use structured data!  Here we have discussed four most important questions, better to say frequently asked questions about structured data, its use, and importance.

Importance Of Structured Data Markup in SEO

Google’s structured data markup helper is one of best tools that help your business get started with this structured data. This markup tool not only helps improve Google’s understanding of your website’s content but also provides concise data to boost the search engine rank. It also helps incorporate into Knowledge Graph panels that boost your business’s online reach. Embedding the structured data connecting to your website not only ensures snippets preview but also available to everybody who searches your website. To do it properly, you need to submit a web page to the data markup helper and tag various page elements. After finishing the tagging, the data markup helper will produce sample HTML code with microdata markup. When it is successfully completed, you can download the code and paste in into your website.

Who Can Help You Manage the Structured Data and SEO?

A serious question can be raised, who can help you manage this structured data in SEO? Do you need a professional web developer to manage all the things? Let us discuss that. An important news is, structured data only uses HTML code, so you need to have coding knowledge, if you do not have, then you need to hire a web developer to handle it. Another important news is, you can give a special thanks to a third party service, like Bing and Google’s Webmaster tool and Google’s data helper. With these tools, you can use structured data in SEO and even you do not need to have coding knowledge. With the help of these tools, you can easily incorporate the structured data in your website for Search Engine Optimization.  

Google’s structured data helper is one of the most reliable tools that provides microdata markup helps easily and quickly incorporate into your website. Moreover, whether you have very limited back-end and web experience, your business may benefit from the developers’ skills and assistance. You might believe, odds are that time which is better to grow your business rather than trying to figure out the difficult application of microdata.

So before, you drive into implementing the structured data in SEO, you need to know four things. These fours things will make your understand why, when, where and by which you can implement it efficiently. These four things are

  • Understand the structured data

  • How to start the business with structured data and SEO implementation

  • Whether you need a developer to implement it

  • What about the keyword implementation, do they really need or still matters

Keywords – Do They Really Matter to Use Structured Data in SEO?

Google, the search engine giant, and other search engines weave increasingly some complex layers of deductible intent into search results, so keywords are started fading its importance. For instance, see Google’s latest “Conversational Search” characteristics that automatically weave the information, like –

  • Where you are now

  • What you have searched for

  • Who you are into their query for search

Now you come to know that localization as well as personalization of search results are two most important things and make semantic SEO and structured data increasingly essential. And, at the same time, mobile is accelerating the semantic uprising. These days, millions of users are shifting from computer-based search to mobile search, so the structured data and search engine optimization, rather than keywords, would have a greater influence on SERP. Keywords and its implementation may never die off, but in accordance with some SEO experts, the day of keyword domination is ended.

Last, but certainly not the least, structured data is surely the future of SEM. Those days are gone by when magical keywords or backlinks assured search engine rank.



Sunny Chawla

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