How to Write SEO Friendly Articles That Rank #1 On Google

Article writing is very easy but to make it rank #1 on Google is pretty tough. The elements that make an article perfect are called on-page-SEO, today we are going to discuss that. If you have an optimised platform to publish your article, high-quality content is the number 1 user experience area to focus on across the website to earn traffic from Google.

The search engine is the place where our articles get the rank. The most important thing for search engine rankings is on-page-SEO. If you want to avoid Google Panda demotion you have to focus on your content quality. It seems you are new to SEO, if yes then you need to know that on-page-SEO is the first and the most important part of doing accurate SEO for fast ranking. So, the mainly SEO friendly article helps you to rank your sites on a search engine, just if you can rank your site for a particular keyword. Then you can bring a huge traffic to your site daily. And that helps you to promote your business and earn more and more money.


Today I am going to show you the ways how to write SEO friendly articles that rank #1 on Google. Pay attention to the topics I am showing you, these will help you to learn SEO as a professional one.

Unique Titles and Descriptions

The title is the most important part of SEO; it helps the search engines to figure out what your website is all about. Suppose you want to make a cafe restaurant website. Now you have to put all those related important keywords that have great search results with high search volume. Your title should contain almost 60 characters, not more than that. Google search engine does not accept more than that. To rank your site at the top, you must write a unique sentence so that the crawlers of the search engine to find your title unique.

Now the description, it should contain characters under 160. Because this is the limit given by Google, they do not accept more than that. The description plays another important role in ranking up. It should also contain strong targeted keywords to help the content in ranking up.

Appropriate URL Structures

When setting up your blog for the first time, your URL (permalink) should be the first thing to change. In terms of writing SEO friendly articles, the major on-page SEO factors are having your keyword in your post URL (permalink). The characters should be less in the count, and the language should be simple and easy to get for the users.

There are four parts of a URL: Hypertext Text Protocol, Domain Name, Subdirectory and File Name.

We can customize the elements of a URL: the domain name, the subdirectory and the file name.

Meta Description

Most important part of an article is Meta description. These are the first things people will read before entering into a website. It should be catchy of cores to provide clear insight to the reader. It is a 160 character snippet that summarizes the page’s content. If the content description contains the searched phrase, then the search engine displays the Meta description in the search result. Optimization of the Meta description is very important in terms of a Google ranking article.

Meta Tag generator tool

Using Google Search Console

Google search console works as a helper to you. It helps you to monitor maintain your site’s presence in Google search result. Google offers you this service for free. Anyone who has a website can use search console, they can be generalist or specialist, newbie or advanced.

Especially search console is useful to:

  • Business owner who delegates
  • SEO specialists
  • Internet Marketer
  • Site Administrators
  • Web developers
  • App developers.

Internal and External Linking

Add internal links to your content to improve the authority of your website content. But you must do it in a meaningful manner. Internal links help the search engine to understand your website better. The quality of the links is a very important part. Internal linking helps a lot for link juice flow, you can find my blog smartwoop, where i am using internal linking for each an every post I publish there.

The external links are the most important source of ranking power. The external links are the links that point to an external domain. External links are a type of hyperlink on a webpage to another page or resources, such as images or documents

Interesting Images

Inserting eye-catchy images can enhance the quality of your content. An expressing image can convey more what thousands of words cannot. The images you put in your content should relate to your title always. And try to maintain the quality of the images; a low-quality image can decrease your content’s quality.


You’ve written the article following the steps. Well! Now search for the mistakes in the content. An article with even a single mistake cannot rank on Google. To find out the mistakes and correct them. Edit the whole article properly, check if you inserted keywords or not? The images are appropriate for the steps of the article or not?A perfectly written and edited article will surely rank on Google #1.


Writing an article is easy, but writing an article that ranks #1 on Google is a tough job. You can make it easy by keeping these points in mind while you are writing an article. First of all, you have to take yourself to a disturbance-free place, then calm your mind totally and then start writing with the help of these important points.



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