23 Top Must have Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing
Over the recent years social media has exploded.

There are more and more sites coming up all the time; and if you have a business you really need to take advantage of these sites.

We have put together some of the top social media marketing for you.

Tips from the experts on social media marketing

We have taken the tips the experts have given us and are providing you with the top must have tips in social media marketing.

  1. Before you start; you MUST create a social media marketing plan. This is the #1 must do so that you have a clear concise goal and a plan to achieve that goal before you start posting to any social media.
  2. Post regularly and relevant material so that your readers know you are still doing business. If your material is relevant and of value people will read it and repost it especially if it provides a solution to a problem or issue they are having.
  3. Use video content. Make videos which give answers or teach users how to use features of your product. Another good way to use videos is for announcements of events and upcoming releases of new products.
  4. Know and avoid social media mistakes. You need to familiarize yourself with the mistakes that you need to avoid on social media.
  5. Be sure to share and retweet or repost this will help you show your audience that you are current and know what you talking about with your content. It also shows that you are active in social media not just spamming the social media circuit.
  6. Remember that not only has websites gone mobile so has social media sites so be sure that your content will display correctly for mobile platforms as well. If you do not, you are losing far too many eyes on your content.
  7. Focus and stay focused on a targeted audience. Forget about trying to convince everyone that your product or service is good; just focus on your targeted audience and they will spread the word farther for you.
  8. Visual content must be optimized with a link back to your site where the source came from. Be sure to utilize the tags on your visual content as well so that the search engines can distinguish its value.
  9. Use URL shorteners in order to track and analyze activities of your URL. Using this tactic will allow you to measure the success of your post in social media sites.
  10. When preparing your content to be sure to check spelling and grammar as well as test it with a plagiarism program. Even though you just wrote you do not want it to look like you copied it from someone else by using the same exact words you did. Also check for misused phrases and words.
  11. Make sure to learn the proper use of hashtags with twitter, and other uses of the proper functions on other social media platforms from LinkedIn to Vine to Pinterest and YouTube. Each one of the social media sites has a proper usage be sure you understand how it works.
  12. Use social media advertising to help increase your social media reach.
  13. Monitor your posts and ad content to keep it fresh and new.
  14. Use your best converting ad copy with social media.
  15. Keep your social campaigns structured around your business. The objectives of your business should be included in your social media marketing campaigns.
  16. Remember to be helpful on social media, answer questions, provide solutions and put a link back to your blog or site in those in which your product or service can help provide the solution.
  17. Influencers who can give you an honest review can be an excellent part of your social media marketing campaign. People who trust someone will take their advice far faster than someone they do not know well. When you ask influencers in the industry to review your product or service you need to make sure you explain why it is advantageous to them and their followers.
  18. Be sure you understand how to use infographics and use them correctly. People do not want to spend time reading an entire article these days you need to capture their short attention span with infographics.
  19. Content is still king; be sure it is useful and informative. Also be sure to optimize all your content with services reviews; written or visual. If you start with good content that has value, is well written, and optimized you will get better results.
  20. Create an idea board for your social media marketing plan. This is where you will store all your ideas for what topics to use for posting. Continue to add to it regularly. If you see a post that is relevant to your business add the main topic idea and write your own later; just be sure it passes a plagiarism test.
  21. Hold giveaways and contests that you can make social media posts about to create interest in your product or service.
  22. Automate whenever you can and maintain a flow of up to date fresh content. Automation tools and schedulers can help with this job duty.
  23. Do not be afraid to spend some money on videos especially for use with your social media marketing plan. Good videos get better use on social media.


These tips will help you determine how to create a top notch social media marketing plan for your business which will also help you receive better standing in the search engines and better return on investment for your social media campaigns.



Patrick Cole

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