5 Strategies for Creating a Viral Post

There are no strict rules when it comes to creating viral content. Social media experts are still trying to determine the most important parameters that make some posts more popular than others, with statistics being one of the most important resources for this research. In this article we will also start from stats, and try to combine them with interesting examples in order to determine all the secrets that lie behind viral content.

  1. Add a photo to textual post

When it comes to photos, we can view them as a content itself, or as a visual addition to textual posts. Stats say that content with relevant images will get 94% more views than regular textual posts, which means that your post will have much a bigger reach if you add an appropriate photo to it. You can find relevant photos on stock photography websites like EyeEm, or you can take them yourself.

  1. Use Nostalgia

Did you know that Nu92’s photo that shows old book wraps (today’s kids don’t use those anymore) received 1,227,487 likes on Facebook? Some other nostalgic and at the same time highly viral photos that got on Business Insider’s list are:

  • Echos From The Past posted the photo of Kings candy cigarettes, which received 1,290,534 likes.
  • 90s Babies Only posted a photo of the Dinosaurs series characters that received more than 1,6 million likes.
  • Photo of screenshots from TheWizard of Oz also gained more than 1,8 million likes and were posted by the Old Town Antiques and Upholstery page.
  1. Create great video campaigns

Everybody knows that video is the new black on social media, but since this type of content is currently one of the most popular ways to share your thoughts or promote your products, only the best videos are able to receive good reach and high engagement. Since 2015 was the year of expensive HD video campaigns, we decided to share some of the most viral videos from last year:

  • Cuteness– Hello Denizen YouTube channel posted a video called Hamster Eats Tiny Burritos, which received 9 million views. This video was made in full HD and its makers used the hamster’s cuteness to make it viral.
  • Humor– One huge corporate firm parodying another one, is there anything more viral than that? Ikea made a parody of Apple’s world-changing commercials in order to promote its catalogue.
  • Live your life, do what you like– Alaskan news anchor blasts the F word and quits in the middle of program in order to fight for free use of cannabis. This was one of the most viral videos in 2015.
  1. Add infographics

Infographics are a great way to make your posts more viral. They are able to convey lots of important information and to make posts more graphic and visually attractive. Viral infographics don’t only defer with their visuals, but also with interesting topics they cover. Some of the most viral infographics in 2014 were:

  • Banned Foods Americans Should Stop Eating and Where We Donate vs Diseases That Kill Us- public health is a very popular subject and it can be easily presented with colorful infographics.
  • Common MythConception- One infographic that presented a long list of world’s misconceptions. This one is both interesting and fun.
  • World’s Deadliest Animals- Humans are animals, and putting them in second place, just after mosquitos is both intelligent and socially and environmentally responsible.
  1. Pay attention to the post’s timing

On Twitter, timing is crucial, on Facebook and Instagram it is also very important. The best time to post on Facebook according to HubSpot infographic is from 12 to 3 pm. Tweets go viral at the same time, exception Wednesdays, when 5 pm is also a great time for posting. Twitter is quite a specific network, and it is used by many freelancers and programmers, who often work at night. This enables community managers to target these people with night-shift posts. Instagram is much less specific when it comes to post timing. Photos have the highest reach if posted from Monday to Thursday, at just about any time, except around 3pm.

In the end, we should say that statistics and science help a lot, but they don’t make posts viral. Every letter in the post and every photo pixel and video frame need to be made with passion and with the belief that you are making something really special.

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