How can Instagram aid in your business marketing?

With the growing craze surrounding various types of social platform, marketers are also innovating their age-old techniques of marketing to come up with something new and interesting. There are so much different exciting of marketing ideas which you can rely on today, and social media activities have further added to the innovations. One such trendy platform in the contemporary times is Instagram. Noted for its smooth image exchange platform, this social network option has taken digital marketing another notch higher.

The different ways in which various brands are using Instagram for their marketing requirements is inspirational. Studying the various trends of marketing in Instagram, experts of digital marketing have come up with a pattern in marketing. They have also come up with some really practical and helpful tips and schemes which you can put into action and enhance your business. Here we are going to provide you with some excellent tips for handling your marketing requirements which would help you get some quality business through your social media platforms like the Instagram.

Settings up Instagram for business account

There is no separate business interface for brands on Instagram but with the right strategy and designing you can create an Instagram profile focusing on your business and brand. Create a separate business account other than your account. The brand name should be selected carefully for such a page. Use the brand name as the profile name. The name has much significance in getting you traffic. You must choose a name that is striking and yet is simple enough that can be remembered by your clients and followers.

Generate like4like on your profile for enhancing the follower list and viewership. This is the main criteria for running a successful business with marketing through Instagram. Also, ensure that your Facebook is connected to your business account on Instagram. Likewise, it is important to create an Instagram tab for instantly sharing your Instagram photos to your followers on Facebook. The page should be set up such that it is brand specific as well. There are different types of product that different brands offer. Hence the strategy of Instagram marketing should be decided according to the requirements of the brand.

Using the hashtags

When you are updating your posts on Instagram, the hashtags you use to play a crucial role. The hashtags are the main way through which your viewers and followers can find you. Hence using the right hashtags for your post is essential. The hashtag should be relevant and at the same time, it should be a popular one that is searched by the followers. There are many general hashtags which users of Instagram search for, and you can also incorporate them in your tags to increase the visibility of the post. There is no character count limit like Twitter here, and you can incorporate many tags. However, the key to getting good viewership is using the most relevant tags and not innumerable random ones otherwise you may appear too desperate for followers and business to your viewers.

Hashtag contest is the great way to enhance your viewership, engage your followers and at the same time increase the number of relevant posts for your brand. Altogether this can prove beneficial for ensuring visibility of your brand on the long run. Also, keep a check on the hashtag use of your brand so that you can readily respond to customers. Being interactive with your clients is essential to building their trust on your brand.

Customer intensive marketing

The priority should be your customer and their satisfaction, and when your customer gets a feeling that they are valuable to you, you are likely to get more and more business through them. Share the pictures of your followers on your page and give them exposure to your brand. Encourage your followers to post images with the products and items they have purchased from you and repost those images on your page. This would not only build a healthy and friendly relationship with your customer but at the same time bring home new followers who are interested in the product as well. Embed the photos posted by your followers. They would feel important and a part of the larger image through this. Do ensure to let them know about this and also seek their permission before doing so. This would highlight your business ethics as well to your followers and help in building your reputation as a brand.


Engage with your customers or prospective customers by only liking their posts or posting a comment on their post. Subtlety is the key when you are resorting to such direct interaction. Liking a post or commenting on it per day is good enough and also ensure that you do not leave any promotional comment on their post which can give an impression that you are desperate for attention. Also if any follower likes your post do like back some of their posts, and in this way, you can build a good relationship with them. When you are addressing any query left on any of the posts on your page, ensure that you tag the person who specifically asked the question initially. This would make the interaction more precise and attentive which would surely be cherished by your followers.

If your post is related to any celebrity tag them as well. Your post may get reposted on their profile if they appreciate your post and this way you would be able to get more exposure to new prospective followers.


Instagram marketing is gaining more and more popularity by the day, and if you are building your startup, then Instagram has a lot to offer you regarding the marketing. You can do the marketing through Instagram with almost no additional cost but yet get the full benefit of digital marketing. All you need is proper strategy and innovative ways of marketing your brand and your products to draw the attention of relevant followers.




Harris Scott

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