How to Create Backup of Your Social Media Content

Most of us have important data in our social media posts that we do not want to lose. not only this but businesses have a lot at stake when they are posting regularly on social media and they do not want to lose their content because it might be needed at some point in time. The best way to save all this data and make sure it is available when it is required to create a backup of your social media content so that it can be retrieved and used most easily.

All it needs is the understanding of how to create backup and its significance so that you can work the right way and download your social media profile, content and contacts so that you do not worry anymore about losing your phone or if your laptop suddenly stops workings. No matter which platform you are using or what features it has, you will have everything you need with you.

Having the information backup is very good because it helps to save your time and efforts and even save your business at some time. There are some important points you need to understand to save yourself the trouble.

This article is a guide for you as it helps you understand why the data on your social media accounts is so important and how you can create its backup so that you never have to worry about losing your contacts and content ever again.


It is an automatic and secure backup available for all the social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Delicious, Flickr, Google Docs and many others as it uses Amazon S3. It helps you save your long term content without any trouble no matter which processing program or CMS you are using as you just need to save the final version of the content to word or any other document to a cloud based file service that you can later download to your computer and save them there.

All you need to understand is how you can save them individually and separately so that you do not face any problems when you try to locate them. Even if your posts or files get deleted from the social media account, having them on your hard drive or google drive will help you locate them easily.

Creating backup for your mobile videos

If you create videos on your smartphones for various apps and social networks like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and others, it is necessary that you have a copy so that you can use it later when needed. Only having the video on the smartphone is not enough as it can get lost or deleted by mistake. the best thing to create it backup is to download it using on the app, whether you are using Facebook Live video, Snapchat or Instagram video by using the buttons given on the app to save it on the app so that when you access your account, you can get these videos easily.

Even if you are trying to save videos to the non-mobile apps, you can save them on cloud so that you do not have to worry about their loss later on.


This is a very good backup for your social media content has this does not store it on cloud but your own computer. it will back up the Facebook Profiles and Pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Viadeo, a social network for professionals and helps to retain all their contacts in case of any loss.

All you need to do is search the information in timeline calendars to look for your contacts with help of keywords.

Creating backup for testimonials

There was a time when LinkedIn pages offered an option to save the customers’ products and services recommendations and it was a great way to keep all the information and testimonials to keep a track of what was working best. While this feature is no longer available now yet its importance has not diminished at all.

You need to store all the testimonials provided by your online customers so that you can understand what you need to do in order to work better. You can use the screenshot option to save the page image and use it when needed.


It is a relatively new UK based company that offers to back up data from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and even Gmail and Foursquare. it provides backup for everything including follower lists, video and photos and stores them in the cloud so that they are easy to access as and when you require them without needed your own device.

Not only this, but you can also back up your hard drive with help of Frostbox so that nothing is lost. This is a good service that is offering individuals as well as businesses a chance to retrieve all their data in case of nay problem.

There is a lot of valuable and necessary that we forget to copy or remember when we are using our social media accounts and only understand how much it meant when we actually lose it. The best way to ensure that you do not lose any vital and key information and contact details is by ensuing that you understand what are the right tools and techniques that enable you to create backups for your information.

With the passage of time, as social media platforms are becoming so important and providing people a chance to connect both socially and on a business level, there are so many ways for them to create backups that enable them to access their account information as and when they need it. There are numerous applications that offer a chance to save important information and there are some key ideas too that help people retain their important social media content to be used if they end up losing their smartphones or devices anytime.

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