How To Drive Traffic Using Social Media?

Do you find social media over-hyped? More so, have not you or your business been able to benefit from traffic from social media? Let it get straight – social media continues to be one of major sources of traffic to your website. Without it, your business may not be able to grow with as much pace and it’s maintaining right now.

Without doubt, social media traffic is as important as those received from either direct or through   search engines. Social media is neither over-hyped and nor ineffective, as you might still not have found a way to crack its codes, or decode its mechanism. You must have used a wrong strategy and so, you could not benefit as you should have.

It takes some doing to manage traffic from social media or get an elevated level of engagement. A lot will depend upon the quality and engagement quotient of your social posts. If you manage to catch more attention, then rest assured of improved traffic and if not, you have to rue only.

To drive traffic from social media, you need to have in a place viable strategy. You need to consider some of these points as well:

Get a well-structured and relevant website   

First of all, you need to get a well-structured and relevant website developed. It means, your site needs to have social media friendly structure to boost shares and followers. If you lack such a structure, you may be able to gain visitors but your posts or content won’t be shared or spread further. Never forget to use Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and try fitting in some popular widget for sharing purposes.

Give engagement and enrichment with your content

Your content has to give users a great deal of engagement and enrichment. Besides, it has to be shareable and it has to be of high quality. The content has to be informative, entertaining, interesting and something that adds value. Forget about winning users over when your content is low-spirited. From the title downwards, readers need to be kept engaged if traffic is the target.

Be aware of your content actions

Unless you are aware of what the contents are doing or how they are going, you won’t be able to know their performance.  You need to know the channels and posts that are going favourable, and those turning unfavourable. You need to have stats and insights to have a deep awareness into the conversion. Such information helps a lot in amplifying or revising your marketing strategy.

Go with platform-specific keywords

It’s always a good strategy to identify and go with platform-specific keywords to get more traffic. Such keywords tend to bring more conversion benefits and hence, need to be used. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Google+, you need to be specific while selection keywords to get more clicks and superior chances of hits or conversion. So, you need to base your updates or posts around those popular keywords to gain more.

Let visual content bring more benefits

Make sure that your posts get fitted with visual items more than texts. You need to leverage videos and info-graphics more. The fact is, contents with visual messages catch more attention and give more entertainment. Such content or posts are often clicked more and users find them a superior source of engagement or enrichment. In a sense, your posts’ level of engagement gets a boost when you go visual way.

Capitalize on hashtags

Make sure that your posts and updates get benefit from hashtags. In using hashtags, you reach to more users or followers, or you reach to even those that are not your target audience. Make sure your social media strategy always gets benefits of hashtags. No matter whether you are using Facebook or Twitter, you need to benefit from hashtags.


In overall, driving traffic through social media involves devising of a viable strategy and then implementing them. The task is easier said than done and that’s why, your business needs social media consulting services. This way, you get experts for all your needs, and when domain expertize is there is help you grow, you needn’t worry a bit. So, let experts take your business forward!

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