Social Media Pages and Their Value

In this post, we will discuss about the social media pages Like Facebook Page, G+ page, Linkedin twitter page.

Please check the following list of most popular websites where we can create pages and engage with users and increase our product traffic and sales. With the help of these pages, we can create brand value for our product.

1-       Facebook

2-      Google plus

3-      Linkedin

4-      Twitter

5-      Stumbleupon

6-      Myspace

7-      Xing

8-      Pinterest

9-      Meetup

10-   Orkut

11-   Classmates

12-   Scoopit

13-    Tumblr

14-    Instagram

15-    Flickr

In the above list,we have to create profile in every website and update that on regular basis. With the help of this. we can engage our users. In social media optimization, we have to update our all pages on regular basis, Reason behind it is users engagement and traffic improvement from Social.

Facebook Page- With the help of facebook page we can create engagement with users if we are an e-commerce company then we can post every new product detail with images. So that we can increase its visibility and sales. If we have a travel related website then we can post full packages. Everyone, Who like your page can see all your stuff, So always try to increase your page likes and improve your page visibility.

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Twitter Profile- With the help of twitter we can tweet every product page and tweet every news. Your followers can see all the stuff. If you increase your twitter followers then you can build your brand.

LinkedIn Profile-  Linkedin profile page is working professionally your company job requirement and other stuff.

Google Plus- If you post your web links on Google plus then your web page ranking will be improved. Google plus shares count as backlink. So try to share your web link via Google plus profile pages.

In the above paragraph, We found that social media pages have lot of potential to generate the website visitors. With the help of social media pages. our website social media visibility also improved. Facebook have lot of traffic if your page has engagement on the posts and shared good stuff via page. Then your Facebook page can generate good amount of traffic. Twitter have a virality factor if your profile tweet is viral then your page presence will be improved. Virality of the tweets can generate good amount of traffic. In our experience we found that web site generate 100 thousand traffic via their social media profiles. Most of the company have One Social Media Guy who shares the Facebook posts and Tweets via your Twitter account.




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