Social media Tips

Social media marketing is a technique to drive traffic on your website. Here we’ll discuss some social media tips. Effective social media techniques build your brand and business. If you are an e-commerce company then you should definitely go for social media marketing. You can share your product details and attract new and existing audience.

Following are effective good social media tips.

Post customization

When you start your Facebook, Twitter campaigns(Social media pages) do some research on facebook post and tweets. After research customize your tweets, posts according to trending topics. It will help you to engage traffic, Improve post reach and improve your social media visibility.

Build Groups

Build group according to your business and start adding member in that group. When your Facebook, Linkedin groups gets members and group audience is improved, then start adding your content and notify people about your services and posts. Building groups is a very good way to convert traffic. It will effect in positive way.

Share at best time

Share your post and tweets at best time. Now the next question comes what is the best time for a business?

Now in my way I calculate it as

Find from which country you got most likes and which country is engaging in posts, which country is giving me business. Set your post according to that country’s time zone. Find the time slot in which you got most engagement. That is best time for you.

Share according to Audience

Share your post and tweets according to your audience, go to analytics and find what type of audience is engaging for you. What is the age slot of your most engaging audience, start adding new content according to that data.

For example

If you find female audience aged 24-30 is more engaging for you then you can start adding some new content that interests your female audience of that age group.

Post right message on right platform

Post right message according to platform, this is little bit tough but not too much, How can you analyze it? I’ll explain

Whenever you post your content test it, If you put up about same post in Google+ and Pinterest and you can analyze that Pinterest is more engaging than Google+, give preference to Pinterest. Well I don’t mean ignore Google+. Just post right content on favouring platform.

Share valuable content

Share the content that is valuable for your business audience. If content is engaging and informative for audience then it will get shares, likes and re-tweets. If your content gets all this then it will definitely hike your brand. So, social media marketing helps in branding.




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