5 Undeniable Reasons a Business should invest in Cloud HR Software

Whether it is a newly launched start-up or an already established enterprise, every business shares a common objective i.e. an endless craving to enjoy optimum efficiency in all its critical operations making the organisation agile and efficient.

Further, with the business marketplace turning increasingly volatile, it has become more important than before to retain motivated and skilled employees. This is why businesses need to move out of the comfort zone. For example, there might come a time when a business would outgrow on spreadsheets for handling routine business processes thus, triggering the need to embrace cutting-edge and model technologies or tools.

Now when we talk about key business operations, one cannot neglect the role of HR here. Yes, human resources is a pivotal department, as it administers the quintessential human resources operations like attendance management, employee engagement, payroll, tax filing, etc.

Unfortunately, a whopping number of businesses still stuck in the ice-age use legacy tools for administering HR operations. Legacy tools come with their own share of additional costs to update, maintenance, consultation, equipment purchase, etc. Above all, these tools require lots of manual inputs.

Can a cloud based HR software end address all these painpoints for HR? Let us find out below:


  1. Worth your investment
    Since cloud HR software solution automates key HR processes such as payroll and attendance tracking, human resource personnel and payroll administrators don’t have to manually compute salary, tax, benefits, etc. saving them great deal of efforts and time. With intelligent formula-based salary calculating ability, cloud HR software solution paves way for redundant and error free calculations of taxes, salary, receivables, payables, etc.
  1. Connect on the run
    Yes, HRs can enjoy seamless and instant access to all the critical HR and payroll data on the fly. Eureka, all the data is available on a centralized hub for easy and quick access saving time. On the other hand, employee self service app enables employees to access and update their personal details, download payslips, check PF/TDS and tax details, leave balance, apply for day-offs and a lot more right from their smartphones.
  1. Intelligent time & attendance tracking
    This means accurate time tracking of employees thus, no more payroll redundancies and inconsistencies. In addition, a cloud based online attendance system supports seamless integration with most of the biometric attendance systems/devices in use today offering real-time attendance tracking at your fingertips. Most importantly, timesheet management is no more a dreadful task with an online attendance system.
  1. Easy implementation and robust security
    As HR software solution stores all the data on cloud servers, data recovery is not a hassle. This is because pulling the required information is just a click away. Therefore, recovering critical data in times of unfortunate incidents (natural calamities) or technical breakdowns is no more strenuous. Cloud HR software solution can save the day for you in case of data loss or theft. Simply put, pulling out critical data from an online attendance system pertaining to payroll, timesheets, leave and other necessary HR data is quick and easy.
  1. Environment and budget -friendly
    Besides being an excellent online attendance system, a cloud based HR software solution makes HR operations paperless hence, helping your organisation reduce its carbon footprint largely. Also being SaaS based, one can select from a range of budget-friendly subscriptions thus, offering the much-needed scalability. Most importantly, it shuns the need to investing in expensive IT infra and crew for implementation and maintenance.


Long story short, cloud based HR software solution paves way for organised timesheet management and bookkeeping for HR. All thanks to cloud technology, since all the data is stacked on virtual cloud servers, you are assured for a well organised and synchronised HR data management.

 So now that you are aware of the benefits of moving your HR operations to cloud, it’s time to go that extra mile and arm your HR department with a cloud HR software.



Anwar Shaikh

Anwar Shaikh writes about cloud based Payroll solutions and HR Software in India. A self-made and reared-up writer, Anwar writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of automated time and attendance management systems to small and mid-sized businesses all across India.