8 Tips in Choosing the Best Payroll Software


Like any other segment of your business, handling payroll requires meticulous thought and various considerations. Your workforce trusts that you have dependable payroll software that will give them the compensation they worked hard for. Accurate software is also essential in determining who among your personnel are performing better than the rest, who’s slacking and who’s disciplined.

Before you leave the old school method of recording your payroll, or before you switch to a new subscription, take time to read these tips to know what type of product your business is looking for.

1. Analyze your company’s needs.

Make a list of the things you need from your payroll product. That way it’d be easier to see which options come close to your requirements. One common mistake that new business owners make is that they don’t take time to study what their company lacks before they make a purchase. It’s easy to get persuaded by “discounted” products on the internet but there are questions you need to ask yourself first. Is it worth the money? How long will I be able to use it? Will it be beneficial to my business? Go with what will make your company grow instead of going with attractive offers that won’t be useful in the long run.

2. Compare different features.

Features should be given a lot of weight in making your choice. Don’t get caught up with the hype of certain software with “50 amazing features” if you’ll only be using 10 of those. Instead of choosing what’s fancy and what sounds good to the ear, go with what is functional and helpful to your HR team. Remember that efficient software doesn’t just benefit you but it benefits your entire personnel as well. A product with all the right ingredients may come in handy when you least expect it.

3. Study packages and pricing.

Price study shouldn’t only be done in small or budget-tight companies. Even large companies or corporations should not divulge in overspending because it will hurt your earnings in the future. You contrast options to see what’s cheaper than the others and you’re doing it to find out which is compatible to your set-up. There are payroll software in the Philippines like Payroll Pro, which was specifically engineered for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs).

4. Do free trials.

Reviews and ratings can help but it’s better to see or experience it yourself. A payroll brand can work well for a particular company but that does not necessarily mean that it will post the same results for you. Take advantage of free trials to get the feel of your preferred software. Make time for free workshops so you’ll learn first-hand how their software is navigated and used. Pay attention and don’t hesitate to ask questions so you’ll understand its features better.

5. Verify license numbers.

Another key thing that should be considered is how many people will access the software. Compare it with the number of licenses that your payroll product carries. Will it suffice your companies and users? Don’t settle for something that’s cheaper but insufficient because it will burden the people handling your payroll. If you plan on installing your software on a server to let multiple users access it either through local or remote access, make sure the software supports that.

6. Check integration capabilities.

There are versatile payroll software like Payroll Pro that can be integrated to a number of biometric devices, which helps you save on costs and labor if you already have an existing time and attendance system in your company. Aside from this, you may also want to verify if your choice can be integrated to your accounting system.

7. Look for additional attributes.

While it may be good for a product to possess a number of basic functionalities, it’s also advantageous for you and your workforce if your software has web portal capabilities. Being able to leaves, OTs and OBs online means less work and less stress for everyone.

8. Post-sales support.

It’s important to ensure that there’s a competent support team who will back you up in case the program crashes or when you encounter an error that you can’t solve on your own. Work with a company that not only provides great products but gives intellectual customer assistance to aid you in your problems.



Mark Justine De Mesa

I'm a Filipino blogger and freelance writer. I currently writes and blogs for Vinea. A leading distributor of business and technology solutions in the Philippines.