How to Improve Quality of a Scanned Document

Often one gets a scanned document and want to edit a few things in it, but as you know JPG is a pixel based format and is not a text based document, so it is extremely difficult to edit a JPG image. However, if you use an OCR software like JPG to Word Converter, the JPG file can be easily converted to a Word file without reading the text in the image and retyping it in a word document.

JPG to Word converter is a conversion software that uses optical character recognition technology commonly known as the OCR which scans the characters provided individually and compares them against other stored characters. The JPG to word converter software analyses scanned documents, images, and pdf files and converts them to word documents, HTML, and other text formats, all in just one click. This helps to avoid retyping documents to convert them into the desired format as this may take a lot of time and also lead to the alteration of data.

JPG to Word Converter software can be downloaded from Softonic website at or from the company website at

Other than the fact that retyping data may be a tiring task, the jpg converter is also more accurate as it preserves all the tables, graphics, and layouts present within a document which may be present in a document. This can prove very difficult if one chooses to retype data from a pdf file or even a scanned document. Other than that, the JPG to word document enhances its efficiency by automatically detects documents that are tilted or even rotated and also helps the user to reconstruct broken words in a document.

The use of this software is not only limited to English as it supports recognition of documents written in 40 most popular languages used in the world which include Greek, Dutch, Afrikaans and many others making it very effective to use for easier conversion of your documents just in a few minutes. This software also ensures that it enhances security for your data through watermark and password protection whereby the passwords ensures that no unauthorized person accesses your data either to view or copy while the watermark ensures that unauthorized distribution of files is inhibited.

As a user who needs a quick conversion of data from scanned documents and pdf files, it’s indeed right to say that this software exceeds the expectations as it performs tasks that would take a lot of human efforts to accomplish. This software also ensures that secrecy is maintained especially when converting data that is quite sensitive either for business use or even personal data.

While new users may hear about this software and feel hesitant to use for the fear of losing one’s data or even lack of the proper expertise to use this software, they need not worry as the security of this software is already taken care of and as per the level of expertise that one needs to use this software, the software is very easy to use after one has downloaded and installed the software on his or her device. However, all its users should note that when using this software, the achieved results may not match the expected one if the quality of the scanned images is poor since the OCR technology used by this software might find it hard to convert images with low pixels. But with the right type of input, the output will also be of the desired preference.

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