How does School Transport Management Software Help Your School functions?

Safety of children is one of the biggest concern for the parents whose children go to school via a school bus. Besides concerned parents, for school administration also it is a worrisome matter. Especially with the rise in cases of child abuse, kidnapping, the sudden disappearance of children and bus accidents; it is only natural for parents to be worried about their kids. The school administration is highly accountable and therefore it is a major affair for them too.

Nonetheless, once again, technology has come to the rescue. The biggest matter of concern for the parents and school authorities is to have elaborate information of what’s happening with and on their school’s transport modes. For instance, having the knowledge of children’s attendance and picking and dropping time of every student to name a few.

Although, such strong measures are only possible with a great school transport management software through which schools can easily manage all the bus routes, bus routes assigned to each child, the number of students in each route etc. It also helps to track location, know student’s info and also tells you the fee status. It is basically designed to optimise the entire operation related to school transportation.

Discussed below are the pointers on how does a school transport management software help your school in functioning better and becoming more trustworthy and credible from parent’s point of view.

1. Live Tracking of a Student/Driver/Teacher’s Location

It helps you to reach out to the ones travelling through school bus in case of any emergencies.

2. Proper Information About Routes

It gives you detailed information about all the routes, routes assigned to a particular driver or vehicle etc. This simplifies the process of maintaining records and tracking the routes.

3. Managing Transportation Fee

School transport management software helps the schools to keep a track of outstanding fee and gives a reminder of fees etc.

4. Proper Database of Drivers, Their Details And ID Proofs

This software helps you to keep updated with your drivers, their ID cards and other details like name, age and route assigned. Their salary status is also updated and managed easily.

5. Managing All The Vehicles’ Details, Vehicle Maintenance And Fuel Charges

You can keep a track of all the vehicles, their details, repairing status and fuel charges in less time.

6. Instant Notification To Parents Or Guardian Via SMS

It is an important feature especially in times of emergencies or if a parent is concerned about their chid’s health regularly.

7. Other Features

Other features like pollution check-ups, insurance policy alerts are also available along with customizable features.

For school, this software seems to be nothing less than a saviour. It saves their time and resource. They can also optimise the utilisation of their vehicles. Also, this makes the school leave a positive impression on the parents. From parent’s point of view also it is a great solution. Although, there are other conveyance alternatives for parents, but they too are prone to the same safety risks. In fact, a school bus is more reliable than other private based modes of transportation. This software takes away their worries. It’s a win-win deal for both the ends.



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