6 Gadgets You Should Have for This Year’s African Safari

Ever since the 19th century and the great exploration of Sub-Saharan territories, Africa became mesmerizing paradise for all the explorers who wanted to temporarily abandon the comfort of the civilization and experience the wild beauty of  nature. Up until now, very little has changed and African safari remains one of the most popular ways for foreigners to explore this continent’s impressive wildlife. Still, the fact that safari, in a way, represents return to humanity’s primal roots does not mean that this experience cannot benefit from few additions from the world of gadgets.

Good Smartphone

Let us start with the most obvious entry. These days, smartphones have become the alpha and omega of every imaginable tech-related human activity, so it should not be too much of a surprise that you should carry one with you once you go on a journey, especially on journey to some remote place like wild Africa. If you opt for one of the latest flagships like Samsung Galaxy S7, you will be able to enjoy the benefits offline GPS navigation, great camera (simultaneous 9MP image and 4K video recording) and tons of other interesting tools and features that will plain and simply make your life easier.

Power Bank

It goes without a saying, though, that all these features require a lot of energy, and the smartphones have never been the champions of endurance. To cut the long story short, you will have a very hard time squeezing the 12, let alone 24 hours of juice out of the phone’s battery. That is why you should always carry a power bank that will help you to keep your phone running until you return to the hotel by your side. You do not have to go overboard, 6000 mAh will keep even the most voracious beasts satisfied.

Digital Binoculars

Although they were used way back in the times when humanity’s interest in exploring Africa was born in the first place, binoculars gone through some serious changes with the arrival of the Digital Age, so if you want to get the most out of what this gadget has to offer, you should probably opt for some of the modern varieties that will allow you the benefits of precise autofocus, digital zoom, LCD screen and overall more convenient experience.


Sure, this duty can be taken over by your smartphone, but, unless you are deep in the “phablet” territory, your reading experience will not be too pleasing. Also, reading on the smartphone drains much more power than reading on some devices like Kindle Voyage that can go over a week without asking for a recharge, so if you plan on consuming a lot of digital guides, and eBooks, E-Reader does seem like a more sensible solution.

Dedicated Camera

Other area where phone puts up a great fight but cannot hold a candle to dedicated devices is video recording. Do not get us wrong, 4K videos are not, by any means, a bad thing, and they will cover most of the regular situations, where dedicated cameras are neither convenient nor necessary, but if you want to make some great time-lapse videos of African dawns or action footage of wild animals, you should most definitely go with a Brinno and GoPro respectively.


A great addition to any traveler’s backpack, torches can come in handy in a myriad of situations. If you opt for some of the newer additions like LED Lenser H14 Headlamp from Bronzemoon, you will get eight micro-controlled light settings, great beaming distance of 220m, and always handy adjustable head strap which make this essential gadget even more versatile and useful.

Although they have very little in common, sometimes, in order to enjoy the nature as much as you can, you need the small help from various gadgets. Be sure, then, to pack your backpack with them and make this year’s safari an unforgettable one.





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