What Should You Know About SSL Certificate?

Security is crucial whether it for your business or home. In fact, any lapse may cost your business trust of customers, exposure to hacking and financial losses. Having proper security on the website makes sure that customers can make financial transactions without any doubt. Now let’s start with SSL certificate and why you need for securing internet transactions:

So what is SSL certificate?

SSL is a computer file which performs two vital functions:

  • Authentication
  • Encryption

An SSL certificate has information about the authenticity of details about your business or website. It is displayed to visitors of the site when they click on the browser’s padlock or trust mark. The extended validation SSL certificate is one of the toughest to get, and that’s why it is most trusted as well.  The certificate also enables encryption; it means that the information which is exchanged via the website can’t be intercepted and read any eavesdropper.

But one has to make sure that the certificate authority issuing it should be highly trusted one. Such a certificate authority has stringent rules to who may or may not receive an SSL certificate. And when you have an SSL certificate from a trusted certifying authority, there is a higher degree of trust by the users. And don’t think of SSL certificate price as it isn’t too high given many benefits.

Wondering how SSL Encryption Works?

It works very much the way your door lock works. The encryption makes use of keys to lock and unlock the information, without the right key, you can’t decrypt the information. Every SSL session has two types of keys:

  • Public Key is used to encrypt the information
  • Private Key is used to decrypt the information and bring it to its original format so that it can be read.

Every SSL certificate is issued to a specific server and a website domain. When a visitor comes to the site with an SSL certificate, an SSL handshake occurs between the browser and the server. As soon as the secure connection is established, you will see that the padlock has turned green or you may see ‘https: //’ instead of ‘http://’ in the site address.

Now let’s glance through the types of SSL certificate

SSL is available in many variants:

  1. Self-Signed: This certificate is generated for internal purposes, and a CA does not issue them. These are not that much trusted as compared to a fully authenticated and verified SSL certificate issued by a CA.
  2. Domain Validated Certificate: It is an entry-level certificate that can be issued rather quickly. The certificate is provided after verifying that the applicant owns the domain where the certificate is being planned to be used. There are no other checks to find out whether the owner of the domain is a valid business entity.
  3. Fully Authenticated Certificates: They are the first step in online security, and their presence brings trust. Getting one takes longer to get issued. These certificates are granted when the application passes some validation procedures and checks to confirm the existence of the business, the ownership of the domain, etc.

Benefits of buying SSL certificate

There are many benefits to having an SSL certificate besides making your website a safe place. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Improves Conversion Rate

Many studies suggest that having an SSL certificate can increase the conversion rate of 11-42% for e-commerce sites. And then there is another study done by Symantec puts lead generation and e-commerce at 18-87 percent.

Improves Website’s Average Transaction Value

Besides improving the conversion rate, it also improves the average value of each sale. If you have a security concern about a site, will you make large payments for sale? A higher amount that is being transacted increases the fear of scam.

Must have for accepting payments

Even before you can start to receive payments, you will need to have SSL certificate with proper encryption of at least 128-bits. PCI standards verify that the SSL certificate is from a trusted source and makes use of right encryption strength. It must also provide a private connection on any page where the customer has to enter the personal data. In the absence of these standards, a site will not be able to take the credit card payments.

Protect Consumers Against Phishing

In a phishing attack, the visitors of reputed sites are diverted to a replica to trap them into making wrong transactions. The front of these sites is an email which asks the users to click a link contained in the email. But these replica sites often fail to get a valid SSL certificate. And when the customers see such a site, they often don’t make any transactions on such site and walk away from such a site without making any transactions with their credit cards.

Improved SEO

Google has stated it clearly that a strong HTTPS encryption will boost the ranking of the site on SERP. It means that sites with an SSL certificate from a trusted certifying authority will rank above in Google search than the normal sites.

So How Do Buy An SSL Certificate?

Once you are convinced about the benefits of an SSL certificate, and you are willing to get one. You should start by buying a dedicated IP address first. Every digital certificate is assigned to an IP address so you must have that in place first. Here it is important to recall that an SSL certificate is meant for a single domain and they are subscribed on a yearly basis. The SSL certificate price is not too high as you might think but when you go for sub-domains, you may have to pay for it separately.

In The End

With SSL certificate on your website, you can win the trust of your customers and get better rankings on search engines. So should you think about their price? Maybe not!



Avinash Mittal

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