Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

Twitter is a platform. By which we can improve our brand. With the help of twitter we can create a profile. Their people can follow you and you will be follow back via them.

Step 1 (Sign up)

Sign up in twitter and follow some people for your profile presence. Update your profile picture and bio. Your bio should reflect that who you are?

Step 2 (Start Tweets)

Start tweet with your profile, Tweet is a 140 character message, When you build your brand try to tweet everyday. It will improve your engagement and brand awareness. If you are regularly tweeting from your profile your followers will improve.

Step 3 (Try to Retweet Good Content)

When you scroll your profile then you will get content from other profiles which are very good. So try to retweet that kind of content. If we retweets good content then we will get followers and improve our profile engagement. One more option we have with good content is try to favorited other’s content.

Step 4 (Use hashtag # & @ at the time of sharing)

When you tweet someting use # tag related to that category. With the help of # tag we can find the trending topic also. If somebody is tweeting about you then you can reply to him/her with @. These techniques will create engagement with our profile.

Step 5 (Replies to Brand mentions)

Try to answers on your brand mention tweets. When somebody is mention you in their tweet then you have to answer of that tweet.

Step 6 (Answer via Messages)

Answer your messages. If your followers and other users are message you than answer them via messages this communication is direct and safe communication. Don’t break your communication because if you break your communication then it will harm for your branding. If you answers to their messages then it will give you good communication.

Google update- Tweets are in search result

Recently Google update that Twitter‘s tweets are showing in Google search result. If any search query is match with twitter’s tweet then it will show in search result.




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