How to Change the Aspect Ratio of Your Videos with Movavi Video Converter

You can change the aspect ratio of your video permanently with a video converter software like Movavi Video Converter. The aspect ratio values that are supported by Movavi Video Converter are 3:2, 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10. The 16:9 aspect ratio is a wide screen format used in DVD video or HD video. On the other hand, the 4:3 aspect ratio is a standard format used in television shows. You can change the aspect ratio of a single or bulk video files in Movavi Video Converter. The first step is to determine the target aspect ratio for the video files. After you have determined the target aspect ratio, you must import the video files by either clicking the Add Media button.

You can also drag and drop multiple video files into the open area to load them into the software. You have the option to edit the video and enhance it with various special effects by using the video editing tool. If you just want to convert the video for watching on your PC, you can go to the video tab to choose the appropriate format. The aspect ratio converter supports 12 output formats.

Under Device, you can convert the video to mobile friendly formats. You will be able to find video formats that are compatible with various mobile devices such as Blackberry, Amazon Kindle, iPad and Android. After you have selected the device, you must choose the desired resolution. Higher resolution means your video will be saved in higher quality but it will also increase the file size at the same time. Low resolution mean that the video will be lower in quality but the file size will be smaller.


The resolution that you are looking for may not be found in the preset list. In this case, you can click the cogwheel button. There are more choices of frame size for the video resolution here. To keep the original video size, you can select the original size option from the frame size drop down menu. To enter a custom frame size, you must select custom from the frame size drop down menu before entering the width and height. Different resolutions belong to different aspect ratios. You can reference the aspect ratio table if you know the target aspect ratio but don’t know which resolution matched with the target aspect ratio.

You can also specify the bitrate in kbps in the settings in Movavi Video Converter. The bitrate can influence the image quality in the video. Higher bitrate will enhance the video quality while lower bitrate will reduce the video quality. You can also specify the codec that you want to use for the video conversion from the codec drop down menu. Newer codec will produce better quality video in the video conversion process compared to old codec. You can choose from several codecs for the video conversion including H.263, H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and Theora depending on the video format that you have selected. When you are ready to start the conversion process, you simply click the Convert button and wait for a few minutes for the conversion process to finish.