The Ultimate Guide to video optimization for YouTube

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Yes, the videos are the vigorous visual power to highlight any concept employing the running screenshots. Utilizing the videos makes the audience comprehended about any peculiar subject and even compels them to stick to it for long. Something that can be seen stays in the mind for longer rather than some stuff that has been read prior. Since the world is transforming with the staggering rate, the videos are becoming more than the mode simply to watch as movies.

You Tube is the pith of the videos that is engraved with multifarious videos, varied from movies to the informative content. Plus, it is the most prominent website for the video marketing. It has recorded an unprecedented count of the videos being uploaded along with the millions of videos being viewed daily. On the B-side, these records have suggested that with the upload of more and more videos on the YouTube, the competition is equivalently enhancing and the uploaded videos have to face a cutthroat competition to get cognized amongst the world.

The YouTube videos are increasingly correlated to the Google search results, so, the owner will get a magnification if his videos get traced by various visitors, else, you might fall in a giant hitch. One of the striking tricks to elevate a videos’ ranking is keeping it short and precise.

Shorter videos of not more than 10 minutes and 100 megabytes, are liable to generate more views and the ensuing high eminence. Eventually, they are privileged with the higher search engine result rankings and inherently the additional incoming links.

Accent of video optimization for YouTube:

Think of the YouTube as the other “blogging” source. YouTube is becoming the silver screen for brand vulnerability. Some of the principal reasons to optimize the videos for YouTube search results:

  • YouTube is the third most eminent site in the world and the second largest and popular search engine after Google, due to its acquisition by the Google.
  • This is the epoch in which an individual can learn easily how to mend a new scarf with video and the word “video” leads the way straightforward to YouTube.
  • Eventually, a fully-optimized YouTube network containing the engaging video content will not only proffer you the favorable links, but also increase the viewers which will significantly generate more and more traffic to your website.

Nonetheless, whilst uploading the video, several factors are to be comprehended like:

  • Video Content
  • Video Length
  • Video Resolution
  • Watermark your video
  • Optimize your account
  • Include captions/subtitles
  • Create a channel with multiple videos


So, are you proceeding towards the righteous zone? Get your answer and start your optimization campaign employing the most apt steps. But, remember, whilst establishing your business online presence, YouTube is an important element.

Why YouTube? Let us see some factors:

  • More elevation than Yahoo and Bing
  • Greater than 3 billion searches monthly
  • Almost 1 out of every 2 users are on YouTube
  • 6 billion hours of videos are viewed every month.
  • Attract adults between 18-35 age group than any other channel.

If you don’t wish to acquire the slice of this pie, then your online marketing campaign is targeting too low. The process of initiating the video marketing campaign on YouTube engraves the three vital steps:

  • Setting a platform for success
  • Producing the video content
  • YouTube SEO and marketing

How can you optimize the video for YouTube:

  • Watch Time and Session time:

Watch time is a lucrative metric to promote your videos on YouTube. The viewers love to outlook the enjoyable content that compels them to stay longer with it and at the same jiffy, the creators will benefit from more focused and engaged audiences. If your videos are watched by the individuals beyond the first click, those videos will be suggested more often.

Along with the watch time, the session time is also a quintessential constituent in endorsing your videos for YouTube. It affects the rank and surfacing of the individual videos as well as on a channel-wide level. Consider these two vigilantly.

  • Video Elements:
  1. Title: A video with the catchy title does not only make your website rank higher, but also creates your brand reputation ahead of this world. Try to use 55-60 characters in the title. Google has, itself, stated, YouTube reads the first 55-60 characters.
  1. Description: Create the description that includes the relevant key phrases from the video title. Be limited. Don’t stuff it with the keywords. Remember, YouTube allows 5000 characters for each video’s description.
  1. Tags: After the title and descriptions, the tags have much significance as they provide the other grand clue on how videos should be categorized and ranked. Try to use at least 10 tags, including your headlines key phrases.
  • Video Annotations:

It is the contemporary way to add interactive commentary to videos. Very few web owners have pondered about this aspect. However, it is the very effectual way to make your video more appealing and sharp. Actually, it makes the video more professional.

Now, how to use annotations. Here is your answer:

  • Adding background information about the video
  • Creating stories with the multiple possibilities
  • Linking to related YouTube videos, channels or search results from within a video.
  • Create call-to-actions for sharing, visiting other pages, or commenting.
  • Broadcasting and sharing options:

Make these amendments:

  1. Privacy-Set to public
  2. License-Select the standard YouTube license
  3. Comments-Allow
  4. Comment Voting-Allow
  5. Video Responses-Allow
  6. Ratings-Allow
  7. Embedding-Allow
  • Brand your page consistently:

Branding is the most imperative prospect irrespective of the marketing channel. Though, many factors are responsible for branding. Some of them are:

  1. Customize the background of your channel
  2. Showcase your other social networks
  3. Create a custom header

Include these practices in your daily management process and before you predict anything, you will procure your website gets optimized.



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