Video SEO Boost your Business

Key points for doing video SEO

1-    Focus on quality- Firstly we have to maintain the quality of the video. Video sound is properly audible.
2-    Quality Video script- The script of the video is properly indicate all step’s
3-     Write script and upload transcript-  We have to properly optimized script and upload the transcript
4-    Use YouTube to embed and share-  For the video use YouTube platform for embedding and share the video.
5-    Embed on the website- Embed the video in all website related to category those have good page rank and high quality.
6-    Create Video Sitemap- Create a sitemap for all video which are created with the help of sitemap google crawler crawl all video and index them properly.
7-    Rich snippets-  Use rich snippets
8-    Like comment and shares- Increase video’s number of like, share and comments with the help of them our video get popular on the web.
Following are the benefit from video SEO

Video is created to improve conversions (with video sitemap submitted to get rich snippets)
Video created to increase brand awareness through inbound channels
Video created to increase brand awareness through paid advertising
Video created to drive links and social shares back to the company’s site

Above points totally indicate that if video SEO is done in proper way then we can increase our website traffic and sales conversion.




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