5 Impressive Benefits of UX Benchmarking Study

In the realm of E-commerce, the attitudes and behaviour of customers are constantly changing due to the technological impacts on culture, family and personal life. It is becoming pretty difficult for the entrepreneurs or companies to retain customer focus on their business for longer periods in the thriving online marketplace. For example, I heard many of our clients complaining about dropping visitor’s rate on their websites. They become very insistent on identifying the reasons for losing customers. To provide them an in-depth idea, our Digital Experts conduct UX Benchmarking study to understand the digital metrics that put light on the strengths and weaknesses of those websites compared to others in the same field.

What is UX Benchmarking?

In simple term, UX Benchmarking refers to ‘comparing a particular website’s performance against that of its competitor’s website or against itself longitudinally over time, especially in relation to UX metrics – effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction and perception quality etc.’

It provides the baseline usability metrics for the website, setting a standard against which to evaluate the features, functionalities and experiences designed for the actual user’s interactions. This strategic method can easily pinpoint an organization’s digital or online goals suggesting ways to attain them.

UX Benchmarking Benefits

UX Benchmarking is a proven tool that offers the entrepreneurs or start-ups an excellent opportunity to learn about their competitors – their strength and weaknesses; and the collective experience of the market or the field relevant. Often times, websites or business owners cannot realize that it is quite possible for digital marketing experts to quantify users’ interactions and their experience by means of UX Benchmarking that ultimately benefits the website and overall business objectives. Below are a number of impressive benefits that a business owner might gain from UX Benchmarking analysis:

1. Measuring customer experiences

UX Benchmarking study is an effective means of quantifying user experiences; thus business goals and design decisions can be made based on real metrics rather than the mere opinions of business professionals, designers or developers. The study allows Digital Experts take feedback from the real users about the websites and the overall user experiences. Having actual customers/users engaged is one of the most effective ways to explore the nooks and crannies of a website. Experts can thus collect lots of customer experience data to analyze the website.

Conducting this Benchmarking study focuses on obtaining customer opinions in order to set priority on what needs be addressed and continually implement enhancement to track and evaluate the research results over time. The study encompasses a diverse range of data collection methodologies and platforms like online survey form, customer feedback form, mobile platforms to get the maximum reach. The objective is to obtain customer experiences on PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones etc. from a range of customers. The Digital specialist gets fruitful insights into the quality of the experience and generates ideas on how to improve the website

2. Comparing performance against competitors

At the heart of UX Benchmarking or UX competitive Benchmarking is the idea that instead of administering continuous trial and error, entrepreneurs or business owners can take a stand against its competitors based on real data. This UX analysis delivers a clear and complete understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular website when rated against its competitors on a range of pre-set criteria. It reflects accurately where you are right now in terms of market position and sales and shows ways of how you can thrive on the market.

The online marketplace and e-commerce are extremely competitive for any business. To increase customer trust and loyalty and to assess if the customers or visitors believe that the website or business meets the brand promise of the business, UX Benchmarking study provides the right direction with a competitive advantage over the rivals.

3. Determining strength and weaknesses

It is crucial to know the strength and weaknesses of a particular website or business to succeed in the online business environment. Only real users’ experiences can rightly point out what the strengths and weaknesses of that business are. But the question is how to get those data?

UX Benchmarking study gathers the UX metrics more accurately- the data a business requires for success. The process is also cost effective compared to the other sources or consultancy services available in the market. This is because UX analysis study collects data from direct feedback of the customers that visit the website online. Thus identifying strength and weakness of the website, the business owner receives insights and guidance for where to focus efforts to enhance and optimize the over experience of the users to keep them engaged for profitability.

4. Enhancing brand image

UX Benchmarking analysis substantially contributes to the brand image of any online business. I got many of our clients coming across to redesign their websites only because they think customers are leaving them due to poor website design. The customers were not quite happy using or visiting their websites; they experienced many errors, broken links, inappropriate content and many more issues – this ultimately left a poor impression on their brand image.

Companies can retain their customer using the data collected from UX Benchmarking study, in an effective way. The study helps companies to focus on translating the users’ experiences – their likes and dislikes, and apply the outcomes and recommendations to their own business or websites. By tracking the KPIs, the study helps organizations improve their brand image consistently leading it to be a sustainable brand. A sustainable brand always refers to a long lasting customer relation which brings in continuous sales and profits for that brand.

5. Boosting sales & profit

It is no more a denying factor that any company wants to expand its market share, double its sales and lift up the position by increasing its profits. A rigorous UX Benchmarking study ensures that you do not miss anything about the changing customer behaviour and needs leading you to ever boosting sales and astounding profits. Benchmarking study identifies points of competitive advantages; companies can utilize those to attract more customers to their website and increase the sales volume to a great extent.

UX Benchmarking study can rightly identify all the usability issues a website might have early and very effectively. Using this data, the website owner can point on or lead the customers in the right direction, so they can easily locate the necessary product information and take the buying decision quickly. Thus users also get the scope to learn more about the business and the number of sales rises. Subsequently, the website earns more profit with an increasing number of visitors who buy the products regularly.



Liakat Hossain

Liakat Hossain is an enthusiast blogger and online marketing manager at WebAlive. He researches trends in the web design and marketing industry.