What Are The Actual Reasons Your Contact Page Is Not Meeting The Audience’s Standard?

Your website is nothing but a platform that helps you build online reputation. It is an online representation of what you do and who you are. Whether it keeps the users’ experience in mind as well as represents the brand, then it helps you build a strong connection with your audience and your targeted customers. Moreover, if it slows down, hard to navigate and does not fulfill the need of the users, you possibly would not see that much success from your contact page – especially, in the time it comes to getting the phone calls or emails from your visitors.

Things to Know About Your Contact Page

Most of the people believe contact page is nothing but a page that only creates contact from the visitors who wish to take the products and or services. Nevertheless, the contact page on your website acts as a strong communication tool between your visitors and you. When a visitor visits your website, gets the chance to browse your products and or services, or tries to know what you offer, he comes to a decision if he buys your products or services he needs. Normally, he will look for a quick and easy way to contact with you. Here, your contact page comes in.

Unfortunately, the greater number of companies does not consider the actual importance of their website and the relevancy of a contact page with the website should have. Whether it is not meeting their audience standards or they are missing many excellent opportunities. Here, we have discussed some mistakes you may be missing but you need to make on your contact page to improve further, so that it can meet the audience standard.

  • Do Not You Have a Contact Page Yet?

The biggest mistake is, if you do not have an appropriate contact page. If you have email and phone number at the footer portion of your website, then it is good, but hardly a few people see that and try to contact you. If they see you do not have a contact page built, they think you do not want to reach with them.

  • Does Not Your Email Form Work?

Your email form should work. It should work round the clock. If it stops working and that time visitors visit your website, and unable to find it, your impression will be doomed. So, try to make sure your contact page is a part of your main navigation that would run without any interruption.

  • Are You Thinking to Provide Only One Contact Option?

Every user may or may not have different option, choice or wish to contact with you. One may have choice to get in touch with you via email; another may have choice to connect with you by dialing phone number. You should think each one of them. To keep in mind, you should provide at least two to three contacts information, so that your visitors will have a choice, which one they use to connect with you.

  • Is Your Contact Information Wrong?

Avoid mistaking on your contact information. This will not only ruin your business image but also harm visitors’ motivation. If you have recently changed, moved or altered your email, phone or other contact information, try to update them immediately, so that your visitors may not misunderstood.

  • Are Not You Fitting the User’s Schedule?

Treat your customers and visitors are busy people and you may not wait them in the long queue. Try to get in touch with them as soon as possible, when you get their information. It is better if you can contact them within 24 hours or less time.

  • Is Your Website Not Mobile Friendly?

Today’s age is the age of responsive or mobile friendly website design. If your website is still running as static website, you should change the concept and revamp it from static to a responsive or mobile friendly one.

  • Is Your Form Complicated or a Long One?

Your contact form should not be boring. It should not be very long or a little one. It should be fair, medium and concise, so that your users or visitors may not feel bore while entering their information.

The above given things would be good to make your contact page more targeted to your audiences and hopefully it will help you meet the audience standard. Let us try them and see the difference.



Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson is a Marketing Manager at Sprakdesign. a web and graphic design company. He loves to share his thoughts on brand development strategy,Graphic Design , Exhibition Design, and more.