Design Tips for Your Next Landing Page

Your landing pages are perhaps the most important part of your website, and therefore your online presence. So, it’s important to make sure each landing page not only looks great but works well. A landing page is all about enticing new customers into your business, whatever it might be. Without an enticing and well-designed landing page, people will simply turn away and look elsewhere. Below are some of the best tips you can listen to when creating a great landing page.

Look for Examples

Whether you’re looking to design your first landing page or your next best landing page, it’s a great idea to go out there and look at other companies’ work. After all, if these companies are successful, their landing pages must be doing something right. There are some excellent examples out there on the web. You can also look to your competitors, local businesses who are doing the right things, or even powerhouses like Starbucks or Target. Consider updating your site to match upcoming holidays or seasons. This welcomes customers in, and they can tell that the site updated often.

Cater to Your Target Audience

When creating a landing page, you need to think about your target audience. Who are the type of people that are going to end up at your landing page? What sort of information should you be giving your audience? Those are important questions to ask. Is your audience older female shoppers? What about college students? Or even recovering drug addicts and their families? All of these audiences are looking for different things from a landing page. Taking that last example, Sandstone Care has a fantastic landing page, and we can see that they’ve catered for their audience. They invite their audience to invest in themselves and seek out treatment.

Obviously, those seeking help from addiction, either for themselves or for their loved ones, would be interested in this business. As such, the tone and attitude of their landing page is well-suited to these people. With images that remind you of calm, tranquil situations, Sandstone Care portrays their facilities as great places to recover and cope with addiction. Bright, yet calm colors are used throughout, with a cream tone being the predominant color, which again targets their audience well.

For an example of a landing page targeting youth with a smartphone app, look at Hipstamatic’s landing page. Here you can see that they’ve catered to their audience with the smartphone at the center of it all and lots of content showing you what the app can do.

Use Testimonials to Instill Confidence in Your Brand

Testimonials are used throughout marketing in order to keep people hanging on to hear more and ultimately reel people in. When it comes to landing pages, testimonials can be really effective. Putting a quote from a customer in plain English is great, and you can easily mold them to your needs, too. Short of linking to reviews from independent sites, testimonials are some of the most effective methods to keep people reading on your landing page.

High-Quality Assets Will Impress Potential Customers

High-quality assets, such as detailed photos and handpicked design elements will help sell your business on your landing page. Nobody is going to be impressed by a website stuck in 90s web design with low resolution images, especially when people are carrying iPads with more pixels than an HD TV everywhere. Taking another look at the rehab center, we can see that high-resolution photos are used and it’s clearly designed with different size screens in mind. Even on a large, full HD monitor the landing page fills the screen and impresses right away.

Your landing page needs to have the best quality assets you can afford, that means high-quality photos, a great choice of fonts, and a design that works on all screen sizes.

When designing a landing page, there’s lot of great advice out there. What we covered is useful general advice and applies to pretty much whatever business you’re in. How good a landing page you create is up to you and how big a budget you have. However, there’s really no excuse to create something that doesn’t look good and doesn’t work well. After all, we live in an age where advice can be found for free and the tools you need are easily found online, too.