Latest Web Design Trends to Follow In 2016

Compare a site of today and a site from the 90s and we promise you’ll have a generous snicker!

This is the amount it has changed. In the most recent 20 years something of web’s life, it has seen monstrous changes in the way it works, in its substance, sites and verging on each other viewpoint.

Patterns in web configuration are like the patterns in design – they go back and forth every season! Be that as it may, trends in web design are somewhat similar to trends in fashion. What directs the stream of patterns is subject to numerous components – need, the way innovation is advancing, social movements in the web biological community et cetera!

Where website design trends differ from the trends in fashion is that it is required to stay on top of them for survival. Choosing to follow trends in fashion is entirely your prerogative, it isn’t necessary for survival; however with more than a billion sites battling to be on the primary page, it gets to be important to succumb to what’s slanting!

What’s more, to do that, we had a discussion with the top companies for Web design in Lebanon; they prescribe the accompanying patterns to focus upon –

1. Cheeseburger Menus

Ever seen three bars or spots lined up perfectly in any edge of your screen? Tapping on them uncovers further options? We’re certain, you have. This, in web design circle, is called Hamburger menu.

Starting from cell phones with a specific end goal to convey tidiness to outline, this pattern has leaked on to the desktop versions too. Truth be told, it has been such a wild hit, it’s beginning to feel normal and key to a site’s design.

2. Micro Interactions

Micro interactions are a brief activity situated items that fulfil a solitary undertaking, and single assignment as it were. Couple of case of this would be – enjoying a FB post, changing a setting on the site, rating a tune, doing an online inquiry and so forth.

Micro interactions are incredible for including “human touch” to your site.

3. Long Scrolls

Gone are the days when web engineers attempted to put everything over the fold. It doesn’t look great. For the same reason it doesn’t work all the same as it used to. What you need your site to have is long pages that are intended to constrain client to scroll.

Recount the tale of your image. Interface on human level. Furthermore, that happens when you wrap great substance in incredible outline, arrange it with correlative pictures and present in the most intelligent path to your clients.

4. Float Animations

Liveliness has been a piece of web configuration for whatever length of time that conceivable. Fast web combined with effective machines has opened another venue for adding movement to a somewhat dull site. Utilizing float animations illuminates two purposes – it gives you a chance to spare screen space. Just as data appears, client has the option to extend the segment he/she wishes to.

To know more on this subject, pay special mind to web design Lebanon. It is one of the greatest focal points of web design on the planet.



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