Tips for Implementing Responsive Design

5 Tips for Implementing Responsive Design in Your Business

Now everyone who is in the business want to create a website (Online presence) on the internet has at least heard the term responsive design. In these days responsive design is the must have thing for a website. if We want our website to show up well in all manner of mediums, particularly for the mobile. And all search engine like (Google, Yahoo, Bing) this is good, as now a days half of all Website traffic is now at least originating from a mobile device, This time we should focus only on responsive for improving our website quality.

Below is the tips for making our website responsive.

Create a Strategy – Create a strategy for responsive design. Prepare a doc with all requirements. Design all your website layouts that are fit for desktop, Tablets and
mobile. Talk to developers for all requirements.

Image Implementation– Images is the first step for responsive design. They need to be sized properly. Define a path for every image that can easily understand.

Optimized every image that can fit for every device, or flexible grids based on percentage of page needed. Use JPEG, PNG-8, GIF file format.

Mobile Content – Content of a page for mobile should be proper aligned. Next thing is scrolling of the page for reading content of the page. If we write our content in bulleted point or in paragraph that can easily understand. Reader will love your content strategy if they can easily access the content of the website.

Test calls to action and button sizes – Test your all call to action button. Because they are the key button of the page. Check size of the button. If button size is

small then goal completion rate become very low. Users can not easily click on the button. So check out all call to action button  they should be properly optimized

for every device and place at very focus area on the page.

Clean up the Design – Remove the all unnecessary data. Because mobile users are having very short temper. If we have too much scrolling on the page then we can loose traffic of the website.


If We focus on the above points and speed up for the website then we will get the good ranking in serp (search engine result page) and get good traffic via organic with good user experience.




Sean Coleman

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