Valentine’s Day Marketing: How Infographics Industry Can Earn More?

Are you feeling a little baffling about Valentine’s Day? Are you puzzled about what to do for your customers and what not to practice? Well, do not worry as that feeling often can be experienced in many business owners. This feeling must be shocking for other competitors and surprising for your customers.

There’s a famous saying, “it is easier to say than to do”. Feeling protective regarding your image and credibility, that you do not want things to come out to be unreal and stale is quite okay as we are talking about Valentine’s Day which is a huge marketing holiday.

Today, you will learn how infographics can help in marketing your both giftable products like jewelry, flowers, chocolates, etc. and also non-giftable products like umbrella or coupons.

Who Should You Target?

Did you know that out of both, males spend almost double than what females spend on Valentine’s Day? In fact, according to recent studies, it has been proved that almost 54% of females would end up their love relationship if they don’t get anything on this special day.

Men have a lot of pressure on them but as a businessman, you would have got the idea who to target for your campaign! Here are some opportunities which you, as a business owner, can take advantage of:

  • Sectioning Your Email List

Emailing is not a tough nut to crack but sending emails to right candidate is somewhere important. You can send to anyone but not with the same content! Sectioning your email based on gender can have a great impact on your business sales on this special occasion.

Whether you are writing for males or females, there should be a certain tone, urgency and stress that works for your benefit of getting the task done now. Retell men how daunting can local shops be. Try and solve their issues in your headlines or email subject lines.

  • Running Ads for Target Audience

Advertising plays a vital role in giving your customers what they are expecting on Valentine’s Day. Started running ad campaigns but after segmenting on your customer’s relationship status, age and gender.

Now, a 17-year-old boy, in a relationship, will have different plans and goals to celebrate this lover’s day as compared to 55-year-old man. Take inspiration from these ideas of advertising:

  • Single Men: “Why to spend dollars on someone else when you can shop for yourself and become happy. Every men’s desire top quality toolkit comes in just 399$ this weekend.”
  • Single Women: “Sitting idle and want something to eat? This what every single woman would love to have. Come and get a 50% discount coupon.”
  • People in Relationships: “Try your luck by uploading your pic with your lover and get a romantic weekend away!”
  • Gift Your Customers

The Valentine’s Day is about gifting your loved ones. Customers loved your company and you loved your customers, right? Your gift can be anything like free coupons, free wrapping or free shipping.

On the Valentine’s Day, you have the opportunity to empathize with your customers and show your care and love towards them while making profits yourself. Create appealing visual communication and graphic design to surprise your users and customers.