Benefits and Hazards of Choosing Cheap Dedicated Servers in India

Being able to sign up for quality web hosting solutions is the key to running a successful online business. Your choice of a web hosting plan is usually dictated by your business needs and budget. While start-ups and smaller businesses working with limited budgets will find shared hosting to work well for them, dedicated hosting plans are typically preferred by larger companies which handle huge volumes of web traffic. This is why more and more businesses are looking for cheap dedicated servers in India. When you get dedicated hosting for affordable rates, you can be sure of getting a high uptime, higher security and reliability and better technical supports.

Benefits of choosing cheap dedicated servers in India:

1- When you buy dedicated hosting you can enjoy exclusive server resources. This means that you will not be expected to share the resources of the server, like disk space or memory or bandwidth, with other sites. Moreover, activities in neighboring websites will not affect your site’s reputation and slow it down. With cheap dedicated servers in India, you have the freedom to choose applications and scripts which you wish to run on your server.

2- When you can get cheap dedicated servers in India, you will also be able to enjoy a higher level of security. Since you do not have to share the server space with spam websites and other sites which may be running malicious scripts, you can keep yourself away from the harmful sites that are likely to get blacklisted by search engines. This enhanced security is most useful for companies which need SSL certificates to carry out online monetary transactions. In comparison, a shared hosting environment will never be PCI DSS compliant and this is a must-have for businesses which need to accept credit cards.

3- When you get cheap dedicated servers in India, you can also enjoy a higher degree of reliability and better network uptime. Companies get unlimited access to resources and downtimes become negligible as a result. So, your website remains up and running at all times. When you choose managed dedicated servers, you are spared of the responsibility of server management and you can depend on your provider completely to enhance site performance. So, dedicated hosting plans work best for businesses which get lots of Internet traffic.

4- It follows from the above arguments that dedicated hosting plans are also highly scalable. As the business grows, the demands for additional resources also grow. With cheap dedicated servers in India, getting extra resources is simpler. You will not need to move to another hosting provider to meet traffic demands. The dedicated web host will ensure that you can get additional resources like higher bandwidth or greater RAM when you need these.

5- Dedicated hosting will also allow businesses to customize their hosting plans. So, clients can configure the servers to allocate necessary amounts of CPU and RAM, space and bandwidth for their business needs.

6- Cheap dedicated hosting will also allow you to get a unique IP address which is a necessary precondition for getting a SSL certification. When you do not have to share an IP address with other sites, you can be safe from getting blacklisted because of malicious activities in these neighboring sites. Your business reputation will not suffer and you can conveniently process credit card payments for your customers.

7- Finally, with dedicated hosting, you can also hope to get round-the-clock technical help from experts through emails, chats and calls. So, your technical problems get resolved instantly and your site does not experience downtimes.

These are the key benefits you can enjoy with dedicated hosting plans, but if you choose plan only on the basis of their prices, you may be disappointed. To start with, when you sign up for cheap dedicated servers in India, one of the first things to verify is whether it will give you 24×7 supports. Without this technical help, your server related problems may remain unresolved causing your site to slow down and hurting sales.

Secondly, when you have chosen dedicated hosting solutions simply because they are low-priced, you may find the quality of services to be far below the mark. Instances of DDoS attacks are very common these days and these attacks may cripple the server, making it impossible for it to respond to user requests. Besides, dedicated servers are always prone to hacking attempts and cyber crimes like credit card frauds and identity thefts are rampant.

So, it is important to ensure that your provider deploys robust measures to protect sensitive customer information at all costs. The provider must implement effective firewalls to prevent malicious data from penetrating these cheap servers. Although the plans are cheap, they should be equipped to protect data from malware and other spyware, viruses and Trojans.

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