Cheap Windows VPS Hosting – Becoming Increasingly Popular Among Business Organisations And Individuals

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting is getting increasingly popular with business organisations and individuals for its extra ordinary web hosting services, provided to its clients, during the recent number of years. A Virtual Private Server is a virtualised server. VPS hosting is a comparatively new form of web hosting.

A Virtual Private Server is a partition of a physical server machine, which is housed in a remote data centre. The location of the data centre housing the physical server, is selected by the VPS hosting service provider, providing hosting service to the client.

A physical server machine is divided into several Virtual Private Servers. A Virtual Private Server functions like a dedicated server for many functional purposes, minus the cost of a dedicated server. A Virtual Private Server can be customised by the clients as per the needs of their businesses, by their superuser level access to the operating system instance. The clients are free to install any software application that runs on that operating system. A Virtual Private Server is defined by software and can be very easily created and configured. A Virtual Private Server provides highest level of scalability with increased resources, to its customers. It has flexible bandwidth and space for storage of data.

Windows is an operating system from Microsoft. Windows VPS hosting is a Virtual Private Server that runs on Windows operating system.

The Advantages of Windows VPS hosting

Windows VPS hosting is a set up for a virtual server which uses a Windows interface and tools of Windows server management. Microsoft offers software with its brand experience behind it, understanding the need of the clients. Microsoft presents sets of advanced software, with the guidelines to make the customer understand the system thoroughly.

Windows VPS hosting is available to its clients with some additional features, offering great advantages to its customers. The web hosting service providers have full faith on services and software provided by Microsoft. The additional features may include additional services to customers, quick updates and more informative responses to the customer quarries.

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting

There are many Windows VPS hosting service provider companies which are providing VPS hosting on Windows operating system to their customers at a very cheap price. These Windows VPS hosting service provider companies are providing highly reliable hosting service to their customers from many number of years. All the experience of providing top quality Windows VPS hosting service of so many years is behind the leading Windows VPS hosting service providing companies, who are providing all the advanced features and uninterrupted services of Windows VPS hosting service to their customers at a very reasonable price.

VPS Server Hosting – virtualised hosting with dedicated hosting performance

VPS Server Hosting is a hosting technology known as Virtualisation technology. In this VPS server hosting service, isolated virtual server machines are created from physical server machines. The VPS servers are virtualised partitions in a physical server machine. These VPS server hosting services are available with dedicated resources. This hosting service provides full root access to its customers, which provides its customers all features, functions and services of a dedicated server.

Benefits of VPS server hosting

There are many distinct advantages of using a VPS server hosting service-

A VPS server hosting provides the features of complete isolation to its customers. The client’s package of VPS hosting with its applications are never affected by the activities of other users on the server.

The facility of complete root access provided to the customer, allowing the customer to install any compatible application of the client’s choice.

VPS server hosting provides guaranteed resources to its customers. Resources allocated to the client will always be available to the client, irrespective of the existing situations.



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