Choosing a Reliable Cloud Hosting Provider

When you are looking to migrate or host your business application on cloud, you will come across plenty of cloud service providers. Thus, it is a difficult task to understand which of the service provider to pick out of the many available.

Selecting the wrong service provider, or picking the wrong services from that provider, can prove to be a costly mistake. If you want to ensure that you select a reliable cloud provider, here are some vital facts you will have to ponder over.

Technology Competences

Before taking any decision, it is imperative that you understand and relate to every cloud service that the provider offers. Also, you must be aware of the record of the provider on implementing new technologies according to business and market requirements. Moreover, gauge the expertise of the service provider beyond customer support. This will help you better understand their capability in the design and management of cloud applications.

Security and Compliance

Security of your application is of utmost importance, and you must not leave any stone unturned to know the level of security the service provider offers and their compliance. You must assess the safety capabilities of all the cloud providers you contact in key areas including data eradication encryption mechanisms, anti-malware protection, identity management, physical security compliance controls, government and industry regulations, and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Past Record

One of the most vital factors to look into while picking a cloud provider is its previous record. Assess the reputation and capabilities of each provider to know which one fits your bills. You can judge the providers on their vision and financial aspect, the track record of service, and after-sales customer service. The providers with poor track records may lure you with some additional feature policy. Ensure you do not fall into that trap and judge the company only by of their work record.


Though costing is a major consideration, it should not be the primary basis for your decision. Just going by pricing charts of the cloud provider is not a good idea; you must take the firm’s long-term strategies into consideration as well. Moreover, focus and match the near-future business needs and the overall pricing structure of the provider with your business’s objectives and pick the one that offers the most appropriate solutions. Therefore, the ultimate choice of the cloud provider must provide solutions with a cost that is within your budget.

Provider Resiliency

A reliable cloud provider is someone who promises maximum system accessibility on service-level agreements. Virtually every cloud service provider promises at least 99.99% system readiness on SLAs. However, many lack the necessary mechanisms to measure this figure. Thus, you can review the system uptime and outage record, along with the complete resiliency of its data recovery and protection procedures to judge the system accessibility and resiliency of the providers. Also, the Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) levels of the providers should be under considerations as these do impact the business.

Open vs. Proprietary

You must measure the magnitude of support a cloud provider’s infrastructure offers to an open source platform like OpenStack. These open platforms reduce the vendor lock-in and related pricing concerns, together with the simplicity of migration of applications from one cloud provider to another. Moreover, open stack promotes a larger degree of improvement than a proprietary cloud environment (single-supplier) and provides a higher level of flexibility and choice, which protects a firm’s investment in Cloud computing.

Final Words

These are just a handful of factors that you must look into while considering a reliable cloud hosting provider. You must ensure that the provider that you pick matches your business ideologies and requirements only then can you avail maximum benefits of cloud computing.



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