Features and Benefits of Reseller Hosting in India

If you are associated with online business, you may know the importance of hosting. Web hosting is necessary for all types of websites to be available online. Many companies offer website hosting solutions at competitive prices. You can find such a company and choose to have your site hosted on the internet by comparing the services on the prices. In general, web hosting is classified into dedicated hosting, shared web hosting and reseller hosting. All these terms are different in terms of the services and the price at which web hosting is offered.

Since our concern in this post is reseller hosting, let’s torchlight on the same.

Reseller Hosting

This is a type of hosting in which a host buys bulk from a best hosting company in India. After that, the website host subdivides the bulk plan into smaller plans and then resells the smaller plans to individual users. With the reselling option, you can happen to sell space and bandwidth from a rented dedicated server. This type of hosting is believed to be the cheapest method to host a website on the internet.

Reseller hosting is all about flexibility, affordability, and reliability. It makes sure that every type or kind of website can work perfectly well. If you incorporate this hosting technique, your website will run well without downtime. What sets it apart from other hosting options is that it can help you connect clients with their web hosts and act like a connector for them.  No doubt, it’s not simple when to deal with reseller hosting options. It requires you to have some basic and complete knowledge of web hosting before you actually give a start to host your website.

If you have any issue or you don’t have time and money enough to host your own website by controlling the services and data centers, then you don’t want to keep yourself in an uncontrollable state of affairs. In such a situation, the reseller hosting in India can be the best solution. It can do everything on your part to make yourself satisfied with the results.

Classification of reseller hosting providers

The companies that deal in reseller hosting are classified based on the role played.  A reseller hosting features to work as an agent for your business. In such a situation, you can choose to plan directly from the website hosting service providers in India. However, reseller hosting providers advertise their plans and offer several deals to customers. In case of a reseller hosting, a reseller host plays the role of a marketer for your business. They choose to advertise hosting plans which customers buy from them.

In addition to all these, the resellers can tend to work their own by choosing to buy large bandwidth and space from the web hosting company. Then, they sell small spaces and bandwidth to customers and also provide them with excellent support. In such a case, the reseller works as a website hosting company.

Why choose a reseller hosting plan

There are many benefits of choosing a reseller hosting package in India. The first benefit is that it is attractive and requires low money. You don’t need to span a lot of money on the enterprise. The prices of bandwidth and disk space with the reseller hosting plan are very low. Initially, the rates are bit higher, but these days it is low and an apt choice for many. Some of the benefits include better control and generating income, easily available, enhanced performance, and much more.


With the above information, it is clear that reseller hosting is an ideal option for businesses. In India, there are many companies that are providing Linux reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting. Before going to purchase any plan, make sure it can serve your purpose or not. Retailer hosting is a great option, especially if you are already involved in the website industry.



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